Raw Cream Cheese

Raw Cream Cheese

This is as good as cream cheese gets, raw wise. I have to say that calling it a cheese is a little off the mark. But it’s as good as the plant world can do and does have the gentle sweetness of the cashew nut.  It certainly boasts more health benefits than your average mozzarella.

We have found this buttery cashew cheese to be a very versatile little number, great to add richness to dressings and as a base for many different dips (the cashew hummus being a real star, watch this space for recipe)

By adding paprika here, you may be able to recreate something of the taste of cheddar cheese.  We have not tried this method out, but it sounds interesting.  You can also have a go with some probiotic powder and nutritional yeast flakes, but this seemed like a longer process.  Time is of the essence this busy summer time.  We have a garden to tend and a lazy cat to stroke!

This will make good sized bowl of lovely raw cheese to enjoy.

The Bits

2 cup of cashew nuts (soaked overnight), juice of a lemon, 1/2 teas good sea salt, 1 tbs good quality olive oil.

Do It 

Place all ingredients (not olive oil) in a food processor and blend until smooth, trickle in the olive oil gradually, it should take around 5 minutes.  You will need to stop and scape the mixture from the sides and start again, this ensures all is blended nicely.  This will keep well in the fridge.


As you would with any cheese.  We have just used it to make a raw caesar dressing.  It is dense and packed full of richness.  We have also mixed some honey into this cheese and served it spread on fruits.

We Love It!

This is another recipe that we will keep making, it as great base for greater adventures in the raw cooking world.

Cashew Nut Tree

Foodie Fact 

The cashew nut tree is native to the Amazon rainforest and was spread all over the world by Portugese explorers.  The cashew nut hangs of what are called ‘cashew apples’ or the fruit of the cashew tree.

Cashews are high in calories and packed with vitamins, minerals and anti oxidants.  They also contain high levels of dietary fibre which will keep you ticking over…..(for our American readers, this is how we Brits spell ‘fibre’, you may notice other spelling changes during the course of this blog.  We call an Ax and Axe for example).

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14 thoughts on “Raw Cream Cheese

  1. Have you, by chance, tried making any tarts or pies (i.e., raw “cheesecakes”) with it? If it were sweetened with a little date or honey, do you think it would make a good base for such a dessert? Sounds soooo good!! Thanks for this one.

    • It would be delicious as a base. We also use a blended mix of bananas and dates for a cheesecake, type effect that works really well. There is a raw berry cheesecake posted a couple of weeks ago that really works a treat and is very quick and easy to prepare. Glad you enjoy!

  2. Somer

    Delicious! I make non-raw cashew cheez, but need to try your version, oh, and I have the long lost twin to your cutting board, though mine is a bit worse for wear 😉

    • I think a non-raw cashew cheese sounds delicious. Roasted nuts, WOW! They are a taste explosion. This raw month has been great, but a roasted cashew will definitly tempt me back to cooked foods in July. Nice to see youre using your chopping board! Happy days, lee and janeX

      • Somer

        Clarification: I guess it’s tricky to describe the cashew cheez, it’s not roasted, but you do have to boil water to make it. The original recipe is here. I do a few modifications, but really you can make it however you like it 😉


        Happy rawing!

      • Sounds lovely, we will be giving it a go for certain. Have a great day, lee

      • Somer

        Thanks Lee, it really melts and grates and slices. I think you will love it!

      • I love the idea of a melting nut cheese. Wow! Im giving it a go for sure. Have a great day.

      • Somer

        K, I know this comment thread is getting long, but yes. It is nice to know you can make a delicious cheez out of nuts instead of buying some kind of “not better for you” dairy mockery version in the store filled with artificial garbage, additives and preservatives!

        The pepper-jack version tastes the most authentic to me, you just add some finely diced jalapeno and pimiento. YUM.

  3. ooh, yummers! I love how firm your cheese came out. The last time I made some cashew cheese, I fermented it but it was still sort of liquidy. I guess i’ll just have to give it another go! (oh, the hardship, lol) I swear, the cashew has got to be the best nut in the world!

    • It is a mighty nut! This is a super easy cheese recipe, I will try the fermented option at some time, I’m intrigued. But for now, the quick cheese is fine and dandy. Happy days, lee and janex

  4. Us Aussie know all about fibre and an axe too! 😛 Love this post – thank you!

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