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Cooking at our A Taste of Bliss – Plant-based Cooking and Yoga Holiday in Spain, May ’18

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Recent U.S. Reviews of our Peace & Parsnips – Vegan Cookbook for Everyone:

“You don’t have to be a vegan to drool over the healthy (but hearty) recipes in Lee Watson’s new cookbook.”—

“Even as a carnivore, I find contemporary vegan recipes – or plant-based cooking, as it tends to be called nowadays – among the most creative and interesting . . . but I find Lee Watson’s Peace & Parsnips especially inspiring, full of original ideas and bold flavours.”
—Nigella Lawson

“As a long-time collector of vegan cookbooks, I’m always looking for the next great vegan chef: one who thinks outside the box and uses ingredients in new and interesting ways. Chef Lee Watson is the next great vegan chef for me, and Peace & Parsnips is a sensational addition to my collection.”
—Del Sroufe, author of the New York Times-bestselling Forks Over Knives—The Cookbook

“[Watson] writes with humor and energy about his world travels and the recipes they have inspired. The idea for a combination of warm figs and raw greens was born on a trip to Sancerre, France, but his stroke of brilliance is the decidedly nontraditional addition of what he calls lemon tofu feta.”
—Joe Yonan, The Washington Post

“Delicious, delectable, appetizing, flavorful, mouthwatering, scrumptious and tasty are all words for Watson’s first book, chock-full of interesting information, recipes, and ideas for both novice and experienced cooks. . . . Every dish is wonderfully and colorfully displayed by photographs, assuring that they tantalize the eye and the taste buds.”—Booklist

“[Watson] sets out to prove that tasty vegan food isn’t an oxymoron.”—Publishers Weekly

“Trust us, everyone—no matter the dietary preferences—will be satisfied by these wholesome and delicious dishes.”—

“With vibrant imagery and abundant creativity, Lee takes us on a rich adventure that proves that clean, vegan eating is anything but boring. Peace & Parsnips is a true celebration of plant-based possibilities, and the ‘life’ these foods bring to our lives.”
—Heather Crosby, author of YumUniverse: Infinite Possibilities for a Gluten-Free, Plant-Powerful Lifestyle and founder of

“Bravo to Chef Lee Watson who has us covered in this mouthwatering cookbook! Everything you need to satisfy your cravings is right here starting with breakfast and smoothies, to dips, soups, curries, burgers, and desserts. An excellent vegan pantry section is included to help guide beginners who are just starting to cook vegan.”
—Chloe Coscarelli, author of Chloe’s Kitchen, Chloe’s Vegan Desserts, and Chloe’s Vegan Italian Kitchen

“Peace and Parsnips is a completely gorgeous cookbook, inside and out…..filled with inventive ethnically styled food for vegans, and for omnivores who will be so busy gobbling their delicious vegan food that they won’t even notice the lack of meat.”  –

Discovering Vegan Cooking Retreat at Trigonos - March '16

Discovering Vegan Cooking Retreat at Trigonos – March ’16


Recent Beach House Kitchen Cooking Holiday and Retreat reviews:

“This retreat absolutely lived up to its name in so many ways. The food was simply mouth-watering and wonderfully nourishing. It was definitely the best vegan food (actually any food) that I’d ever eaten; beautifully presented and made with so much love by Lee and the team. Lee Is passionate about plant-based food and was incredibly generous in sharing his wisdom and knowledge with us. The morning smoothies made by Jane were an absolute highlight too!

Will and Malene are an incredible team when it comes to teaching Yoga. They both totally embody their practice and their love and passion for yoga shines through in their teaching. They are so full of wisdom and knowledge and again, were so generous in their sharing of it. Will and Malene are very wise old heads on young bodies.

We had a wonderful variety of classes out on the terraces overlooking the sea. The sound of their rich voices, beautiful movement sequences and meditative practices combined with the warming sun and the sound of the ocean was indeed blissful.

The yoga was suitable for all levels – carefully crafted so that everyone got what they needed from a class. We were always encouraged to listen to our own bodies.

I can’t recommend this retreat highly enough. I came home so brim-full of love and nourishment that I was raring to go again with a renewed vigour and passion for life. Rarely does a week seem enough on a holiday but this one felt like I’d had a full 3-month recharge! Thank you all! ❤ xx  Sandy – 2018″

The beach, right outside the villa – A Taste of Bliss, Vegan Cooking Retreat ’18

“I am actually struggling to write a review because I actually don’t have the words to describe how beneficial this week was to me without lapsing into cliches or sentimentality.

The most awesome hosts you can ever imagine. Beautiful villa, beautiful place, beautiful food, beautiful yoga and meditation classes.

I think it stands as testament that I, and my fellow guests who were all wonderful, are already trying to reserve spaces on next years retreat which hasn’t even been launched or even decided on yet.

If you get the chance. Go.  Kate – 2018″


We’ll be hitting the road, doing loads of cooking demo’s and talks in 2018, all details on the blog and faceboook……

We hit the road and cooked the food festivals in 2015....

We hit the road and cooked the food festivals in 2015….

....and ate loads of pizza!

….and ate loads of pizza!

Recent U.K. Reviews of ‘Peace and Parsnips’:

“Vibrant , nutritious, and delicious vegan food that…..will blow your mind!” PETA (UK)

Named ‘Couple of the Year 2015’ – Network News

Vegan Living Magazine review of Peace and Parsnips:

“This wonderful vegan cookbook…….is packed full of recipes, inspiration and stunning photography……. It might be the best looking vegan cookbook we’ve seen.” 

‘Peace and Parsnips’ one of the winners at The Vegan Festival Awards 2016

Lee’s Interview with Steve Wright on BBC Radio 2

Great Interview with Eleri Sion on BBC Wales (starts after 2:10)

Featured in Hello! Magazine with Beyonce

Recommended by BBC Good Food Magazine November ’15

Recipes featured in The Vegan Magazine Autumn ’15

Featured on the Veganuary website ’16

‘Peace and Parsnips’ on Youtube.

Interview with the Happy Foodie

Peace and Parsnips in Vogue’s ‘Top Ten Healthy Living Books’ Summer 2015

Aviyal (Keralan Coconut Curry Recipe) featured in Reveal Magazine

Article written about cooking in the Himalayas ‘The Random Schoolgirl Invasion’

Cooking demonstration at the Mold Food Festival 2015

Cooking demonstration at the Mold Food Festival 2015

The Happy Foodie’s ‘Top 5 Cookbooks 2015’

Recipe featured in ‘Top 5 Veggie BBQ Ideas 2015’

Recipe featured in ‘Top 5 Vegetarian Recipes 2015’

BBC Radio Wales Interview – ‘Foodie Friday’ 1st April 2016

Competition with Peta UK

‘Portobello and Pecan Burger with Roasted Pumpkin Wedges’ Recipe

‘Beetroot and Cumin Fritters with Horseradish Yoghurt’ Recipe

‘Braised Cauliflower and Puy Lentil Tabouleh’ Recipe

The Kitchen Witch reviews Peace & Parsnips

Review in Vegan Life Magazine

Recipes recently featured in: Daily Mirror Magazine, Reveal Magazine, Waitrose Weekend Magazine.

Healthy picnic recipes in Your Healthy Living Magazine 

Interview with Female First Magazine

Choice Magazine review:

“Very vegan…..This vibrant book is great if you’d like to have a go at vegan cooking.  The recipes are tempting and aren’t in the slightest bit daunting, and author Lee Watson is charming and funny – ‘not preachy’ – in his approach in spreading the word of veganism.”



We’d love to hear from you, get in touch via the contacts above or leave us a message beneath any of the posts or over on Facebook.

If you are a company who would like us to test your products, drop us a line and if we really like them, we will write about them on the B.H.K.

If you are trying to contact Lee about book or TV stuff, please use the email address provided.




33 thoughts on “recent press, reviews & contact us

  1. ben

    Well done chaps! Great to see some like-minded folks in Wales!

  2. Hello Lee. Thanks for the tweet. Very much enjoyed the interview on the radio yesterday. Sound great what you’re doing. As well as Hannah James, whom I do sound/production for, I also work for the Do Lectures in Wales. I really think this event will also interest you. I’ve been doing it for 4x years now, it’s amazing and very inspiring! Have a look at we should get you along some time to do a talk! Cheers!! Christian

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  4. Madelaine

    Are you actually a cafe / restaurant, and where are you? I can’t find an address anywhere on your website…. which seems odd!

  5. fiona

    Hello Lee and Jane, I must say I just love your blog and your wonderful recipes and all the wonderful things you share!! Thankyou 🙂 I’ve been a vegan for 5 years and really love it as my health has improved in so many ways and I also love the challenge and variety of cooking different foods….

    I wanted to ask you though, have you ever heard of a recipe which involves mashing chick peas into olive oil suffused with many spices including cayenne pepper and then mashing soya milk into this mixture ( this makes it oddly rather fluffy and light) and then cooking it either on a vegan pastry base with brocolli, onions or tomatoes ( or whatever you like!) OR just cooking it alone and using this yummy mixture as a topping for veggies or stews or treat to eat alone ?

    I ask because I know the recipe in part but Im not actually sure of it…. thought you might like to play around with it and improve it hopefully..? Its actually really delicious and serious meat eaters love the vegan quiche ( we brought it to my church once and didn’t mention that it was vegan and it was a favourite!!) and I am hoping maybe you can perfect it…. that would be great !!

    Anyway that’s all for now. Also, for any new readers not sure about the ‘why’ of veganism, might I suggest watching Gary Yourofsky’s Best Ever Speech – its a little over an hour but a serious insight as to why we should!!

    Thank you for your inspiring work !! God bless, Fiona x 🙂

    • Thanks Fiona, Gary is a very powerful speaker. This recipe does sound like a classic style vegan quiche. Sounds absolutely lovely and would be something we’d love to have a play with. The only thing I can think is to search chickpea quiche on line and a recipe may come up. We also love the challenge or creating new vegan dishes and are chuffed that you are around to share in it. Take wonderful care, lee

  6. fiona

    uh, I didnt click quickly enough onto ”notify me” so I would like to do that- and be notified, if I may! thankyou !

    • You’ll find a little follow us button in the left hand side bar. Click on that and it will ask for your email address. Then you should get regular updates whenever we make a post. Just check, they sometimes end up in the ‘spam’ file. Keep us posted about that quiche recipe! Have a great time, lee

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  8. Hi Lee. Just received your fabulous book, Peace and Parsnips, as a birthday gift – I’ve been a Vegan for just 7 weeks now, and I can’t wait to get stuck into your recipes. One thing I am struggling with on my vegan journey, is knowing which tofu really is firm? And tempeh? Would you be willing to share the brands or sources of the tofu and tempeh that you use in your recipes? Thanks!

    • Great news Iris! Good tofu is making its way into supermarkets across the UK. Firm silken tofu is not firm tofu. The texture is different. We use Clearspring firm tofu and Taifun also do some interesting flavoured tofus, their smoked tofu is very nice indeed. In the book there is advice on how to press tofu, making it even firmer and easier to cook with. You can buy tempeh in most health food shops and many ‘Asian’ shops/ markets will have tempeh hidden in their freezers somewhere. This is a great idea, as unlike tofu, it freezes well. If you need anything else at all, please let us know. Happy cooking!!!!

  9. Erin Baker

    Hi lee, my mum bought me your book for Christmas as I am veggi and thinking about becoming a vegan. I am expecting a baby in September and I am looking to make some healthy meals now to freeze and have handy for when we are too shattered to cook. I was wondering if you could advise 5 of your receipts from your book that are sutuble for freezing, as the only one that says it’s ok to freeze is the millet sausages. Thank you very much
    Erin Baker

    • Hey Erin! Great to hear from you and congrats on taking the vegan plunge!! No probs at all for a veggie, there is information on the blog for pregnant vegan Mum’s, loads of places to get sparkling nutrition. The vegan society have some great info on this. All the curries and stews will freeze, as well as the soups. Just be aware that some veggies like aubergine and mushrooms do not agree with the freezer. Just omit them from the recipes. Any of the burgers and bangers will be fine, the beetroot burgers especially are great out of the freezer. Freeze in small batches, kids love em:) There are also loads of recipes on the blog that will helpful also. Many are simple to prepare. Smoothies are a great idea, a few handfuls of green leaves tossed in. Also raw soups (basically smoothies made with veggies) are perfect for summer and Mums in a hurry. There are plenty of ideas in P&P. If you enjoy the recipes/ book, please share on social media, amazon etc. Happy cooking and good luck with all!! Lee

  10. Hello Lee, when will you be running another workshop and retreat?
    Thank you, Sharon

  11. Margo Webb

    I would like to make two corrections to the information in the recipe book “Peace and Parsnips” with particular reference to the recipe on page 88.

    The reason for soaking beans overnight is to get rid of the natural phytic acid on the surface of the beans. It should be drained as the recipe says, but the liquid should NOT be then used as a substitute for stock! Phytic acid interferes with digestion and is what produces the gassy results that have given beans a bad reputation.

    Secondly olive oil is best used for salads, not frying, especially cold pressed, because it has a low smoke point and becomes unhealthy when raised above that. Other oils, such as grape seed oil, that have a higher smoke point, are better for cooking.

    • Thanks for that Margo. This is all true and I’m surprised to hear that I’ve suggested otherwise. I’ll look into it. Take care, Lee


    Hi Lee & Jane,

    For a slightly early Valentines Dinner, for my wife, I cooked your Chickpea & Apricot Burgers along with the Braised Cauliflower & Puy Lentil Salad from the Pn’P book and it went down like a storm.

    I’m a massive Led Zep fan and in 45 years of listening to them, they never got a fan letter from me. You managed to get one after one great meal! Many, many thanks, your great food made for a happy night. Wonderful memories are what makes life so good.

    Take care both

    Mark (Chepstow, South Wales)

    • Dear Mark, you’ve officially made our week!! Thanks so much for sharing your happy night with us. I’ve always found great food and Led Zep make a great combo;) Peace, L+J

  13. nafiseseyedbagher

    Come and see my site that is full of video recipes of new and great food that are so healthy and delicious come and see. i will be so happy to see you

  14. Yenny

    Leeeee – it’s Yenny. Could you get in touch when you get a chance…!

  15. Hi BHK
    I have your wonderful cookery book and wondered if it’s ok i would like to pick your brains. I have a small b&b in northwest Scotland and am looking for some simple (prepare ahead) vegan breakfast options, i regularly make your Pinto Bean & Walnut Pate from your book which i find delicious and thought this pate served with oatcakes would make a lovely breakfast for our vegan guests. I’m just concerned that it maybe on the lighter side and wondered if you could offer any suggestions of an accompaniment that i could serve with the pate. I hope i haven’t been cheeky in asking this, i appreciate that you must be very busy, if you haven’t the time to reply then i completely understand.
    Best Wishes

  16. Julie

    Hi Lee ….
    I am very excited to find your website …
    and saw the article/advertisement for your Vegan/Yoga Day event In Oct in Newborough, Anglesey. We were just about to sign up for it when we realised that it was a previous event from 2018 !!

    Are you planning any more events like this one on Anglesey this Autumn/Winter or in the New Year 2020 ?

    Hope so … Many thanks …

    Julie Harrison

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