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Holiday Photos – The B.H.K hits Spain

Jane walking in the forests of the Espunas. 12oC, sandals and snow.

Viva Naranja!

Under an old olive tree. La Santa Monastery

View from the terrace of Antipodas Restaurant, La Azhoia (with the bar mascot)

Our local goats cheese platter.

Jane in the Monastery Square, La Santa

Sunset over the Port of Mazzarron

Gorgeous local Raf tomatoes. Sweet, sweet, sweet...

Hello Beach House Folk,

So this is where we’ve been,  doing what we do best, going on holiday!  Hopefully this explains the lack of Beach House Kitchen action recently.

We visited Murcia, the Costa Calida, a magical place.  We have done all our ‘foodie’ friends proud by eating and drinking in brilliant ways and of course taking it very easy.  Que Vida Espana!

The produce in Murcia, known as the garden of Spain, is exceptional and some of our favourite times were spent in the markets practising the lingo and meeting the farmers.  Buying fresh dates, figs, almonds, amazing vegetables (peppers, aubergines, artichokes), olives, lemons……….etcetc.  The list goes on and on here.  The earth seems very arid in the whole area, but a little sun goes a long way!

We are going fully Raw in June, we met some amazing so we need some help planing for that.  Whats your favourite salad/ juice/ smoothie?  We met some guys in Spain who really inspired us in this respect, very shiny people, cheers Rob and LindaX

We will be back to full throttle soon-ish.  Watch this space…….

Peace and Happiness,

Lee and JaneX

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Dan did Lasagna

Dan and Ruth

It’s a proud moment for the B.H.K when you see a friend holding a lasagna.

Dan (with I’m sure a little assistance from Ruth) managed to navigated Jane’s lasagna Recipe and it turned out looking mighty fine.  Our first known success….Hoorah!

Dan is our beer making master and is helping us with the Beach House Brewery (although he doesn’t know this yet!).

Dan’s comments on the matter.  ‘YUMMY’.

There you have it.

Cheers Dan and Ruth.

(See Jane’s Goats Cheese and Med Veg lasagna Recipe if you’d like some YUMMY too.)

PS – If you have made any of our recipes and like it (and even if you don’t) let us know and we’ll be very, very pleased.

This looks very tasty

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