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Dear Spatula……My Favourite Cooking Utensil

I must stress, this is a post for cooks only.  Non-cooks will find this kind of adoration for a utensil a little odd (if not worrying).

What a beauty!

If you cook, you will have your favourite kitchen tools.  Like a good chisel to a joiner or a trusty trowel to a bricklayer, without them, our work would be tough; our craft difficult to form.

My all time favourite cooking tool is my trusty red spatula, without it, cooking would just not be the same.  Of course, you need a decent set of pans and a sharp knife (maybe a little heat), but after that, this red spatula is king.

It is an unglamorous and underrated member of the utensil stand, but it is essential in so many ways.  My red spatula is a silicon-like thing, bendy and yet resistant. Good for stirring, spreading and an amazing scraper (scrapping being one of the most important part of the cooking process), getting all those little bits from the sides and corners of your dishes and leaving them almost clean for the washing up.

It is also seemingly indestructible, an essential quality in any tool.  I’ve left it near an open flame and stood on to no ill-effect.  That is my kind of durability.  I can see this love affair continuing for many years…..

What is your favourite cooking tool (you can’t say knife or pans)?

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