Dear Spatula……My Favourite Cooking Utensil

I must stress, this is a post for cooks only.  Non-cooks will find this kind of adoration for a utensil a little odd (if not worrying).

What a beauty!

If you cook, you will have your favourite kitchen tools.  Like a good chisel to a joiner or a trusty trowel to a bricklayer, without them, our work would be tough; our craft difficult to form.

My all time favourite cooking tool is my trusty red spatula, without it, cooking would just not be the same.  Of course, you need a decent set of pans and a sharp knife (maybe a little heat), but after that, this red spatula is king.

It is an unglamorous and underrated member of the utensil stand, but it is essential in so many ways.  My red spatula is a silicon-like thing, bendy and yet resistant. Good for stirring, spreading and an amazing scraper (scrapping being one of the most important part of the cooking process), getting all those little bits from the sides and corners of your dishes and leaving them almost clean for the washing up.

It is also seemingly indestructible, an essential quality in any tool.  I’ve left it near an open flame and stood on to no ill-effect.  That is my kind of durability.  I can see this love affair continuing for many years…..

What is your favourite cooking tool (you can’t say knife or pans)?

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14 thoughts on “Dear Spatula……My Favourite Cooking Utensil

  1. I dont know if this counts but I love my measuring spoons! They’re silicon and brightly coloured 🙂 before I would just chuck my spices into a dish without thinking where as now I can document exactly what I use each time to recreate the dish again another time! Same goes for my kitchen scales!

    • Measuring spoons are ok, when they are brightly coloured, they are of course, amazing. I am just like you, I made a birthday cake by throwing it all together. With the blog, I try and be a little more professional and measure things out, I still love grabbing fistfuls of things and lobbing them into the mix. For me, thats the fun of cooking. It normally works! Love your blog by the way……Happy days!

      • haha yes true it is much more fun to experiment and see what happens! Thank you very much, thats such a compliment as I adore your blog! such a great ethos and so inspiring to get much more “back to nature” with lifestyle and diet 🙂

      • Lovely to see you in the BHK as always. I hope to get some time tomorrow to have a good look at your new recipes. They look yum! Happy blogging

  2. Kinenchen

    My soft silicone spatula is a wondrous thing but I’m very attached to my microwave: it’s great for sweating quinoa or lentils, boiling water for tea or tapioca and doesn’t use as much time or energy as the range. Is that weird?

    • We have ditched our microwave, gave it to a loving home. I just find the whole concept a little bizarre, I am old fashioned (bar silicon spatulas!). Lovely to see another spatula lover out there!!!!

      • Kinenchen

        I can’t blame you. We have a microwave in the laboratory I work in and I still do a double take on the one I have at home when I don’t see it plastered with “Caution:radioactive materials” and “no food or beverages”.EEK!

      • I agree, they seem a little odd. I am a traditionalist and we have commented on buying a cauldron! For camping, not home cooking. Happy blogging

  3. 8″ chef’s knife, 10″ cast iron skillet. I came over here because I thought of you guys when I saw this recipe. Stash it away for June! 🙂

  4. My whisk!!! Love my whisk. And my mentally large assortment of wooden spoons and scrape-y things made by a local wood turner near my farm.

  5. You put me in deep thoughts – haven’t ever thought about this… let me figure this out!

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