The Wonders of Honeygar and the Alkaline Body

Hagar (Honey and Cider Vinegar)

Honey and cider vinegar combined with just boiled water is normally called ‘Honeygar’ and a mighty fine thing it is.  This potion is not only a lovely brew (an acquired taste) it also has great health properties and may help to cure many ailments.

Both Hippocrates and the ancient Egyptians are said to have appreciated the healing properties of cider vinegar.  It has also been used as an anti-aging elixir in history, which is always popular!

Good quality cider vinegar (with the mother) is a natural product, made by allowing crushed apples to ferment in oak barrels.  It has cleansing properties which help to detoxify the body and is a powerful cleansing agent which naturally helps to fight germs and bacteria.

Cider Vinegar can also help to keep the body nicely alkaline.  Vinegar is acid but when broken down in the stomach becomes alkaline.  An alkaline body has been shown to better fight germs and disease.

Raw fruits, leafy green vegetables, tea and legumes are examples of alkaline foods.  Interestingly a foods actual pH is not a good indicator of a food that has acidic effects on the body, for example, lemons and limes when processed by the body actually have an alkaline effect.  The ideal ratio of alkaline to acid foods in a diet is around 70/30.  High stress levels can also effect the amount of acid produced in the body.

Cider vinegar has been used to help treat arthritis. Many people are looking for alternative methods of treatment.  There have been articles recently in the press verifying these healing effects.

Lillies on the windowsill (nothing to do with Cider Vinegar, but lovely non-the-less)

Sir Ranulph Fiennes, the famous explorer and endurance chap, suffered with arthritis in his hand and hip and turned to drinking honeygar.  He says “Without it I wouldn’t be able to have done all the things I have done…it has completely kept my arthritis at bay.”

Honeygar is best drank regularly and can take a while to kick in, so stick with it.  It also must be combined with a low acid diet, that means no nasty foods high in sugar, nothing too processed (factory food) and alcohol.

I have a hip that clicks and a dodgy neck, which are probably old injures from when I was young and used to do terrible things to my body, all in the name of sports.  I have started to drink honeygar and will keep you posted on the progress.

I think the message is, there is enough evidence out there to suggest that honeygar can work well.

When buying cider vinegar, check that it contains the ‘mother’ and is organic.  This ensures that it is completely natural, the good stuff, and has not been distilled.   The distillation process kills of enzymes and minerals.

‘Hagar’ Recipe

Add 2 tbs cider vinegar and top up with freshly boiled water, add honey to taste (1 tbs is normally good for us, we use maple syrup now which is delicious!)

You can tell this is an old article, the BHK is now 100% vegan!:)

Some of the info for this post came from the great benefits of honey site and an article in the Daily Telegraph 

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76 thoughts on “The Wonders of Honeygar and the Alkaline Body

  1. mmm…nice…

    I’ve done the apple cider tonic a lot but mostly avoided the honey just because my body doesn’t do even natural sugars well quite often…but I think as a treat on occasion I will add honey…

    I just bought a delightful raw honey that needs trying.

    • It does have an effect on my wellbeing. I feel great after a good Honeygar. The honey we get is always natural and local and I think raw. We are lucky to have great hives! Hope the honey goes well. Peace and Happiness, leex

      • Bernadette earl

        My husband has just informed me that i should not drink alcohol whilst taking Honeyygar, that is 11 hours later. Whisky and ginger ale by the way

      • Good luck with it Bernadette;)

  2. I am passing this along to my mom, who has arthritis. I am excited at the potential power of this! Thank you, as always for finding the good stuff!

    • I hope it gives a little relief. Sometimes, you just have to think it will work and it works! It has helped many people all over the planet and I hope your Mom is one. Have good times, leex

  3. Change My Body...Change My Life

    I drink cider vinegar in cold water regularly and I can’t say enough goid things abiut it.

  4. I have back pain from an old competitive dance-related injury, I’m intrigued! How does it taste out of curiosity? I already drink hot water with lemon in the morning, I wonder if I could add lemon to this and get it all in one go!

    • It taste like hot vinegar! But with a little honey, well, I like it…. I am in no way qualified to dish out health advice, but I think it will help your back. Especially if you think it will help. Happiness, lee

    • Marjorie Davidson-Smith

      I have discover that if you make it not too strong and add sparkling water (drink it cold) it tastes very like cider. If you like cider it is just the thing!

  5. squirrel circus

    At the risk of asking an icky question….when you call it a “powerful cleanser” is it something I should not start on before going away for the day tomorrow? Thanks 😉

  6. I have harped on the benefits of this potion for years. When I was pregnant I came down with a dreadful flue. While everyone around me were hitting the pills I stuck with the hot water, vinegar and honey but I also add a little lemon juice. I got over it faster and was able to stay on my feet. All hail the mighty Apple Cider ! Plus it also helps with phlem build up in the system, sore throats, blocked sinus, chest congestion. The list is endless. Thanks for this post it is terrific.

    • Hooray for cider vinegar! It really works, that’s the thing. Ive read some negative reports from doctors writing it off as another ‘alternative’ placebo thing, but that’s nonsense. So many people find it helps with ailments. The science may not be there, but the effects are! Happy days, lee

      • In my experience I have come to the conclusion that Doctors tend to be pill pushers for the drug industry. ho hum. So of course they wouldn’t like it. I go to the old “granny” remedies when I can.
        Hey here’s another “not so known” use for vinegar: High temps can be dropped by at least 10 degrees within 5 -15 mins by applying brown vinegar in tepid water via a face cloth to the skin. Start at the soles of the feet and work up. Concentrate it behind the knees, under arms, back of neck. Most temp is lost at these points – especially the feet. I’ve brought babies back from convulsions using this method. Doctors and nurses do not recognise it of course, it’s an old granny trick. It works because the vinegar evaporates on the skin which in turn reduces its temperature. Cheers Lorelle

      • This is all brilliant stuff, thank you very much for sharing. I hope never to have to use this info, but it could be priceless! There are so many ‘old school’ remedies that actually work, we just lost sight of them or opt for buying something, normally to make life a little easier (we got lazy along the way). Brilliant to have your energy here. Peace and light, leex

      • Tudor

        We used to drop high temperature wearing a pair of brown vinegar wet socks (while in bed). Never found a better remedy. It have been used since immemorial times in the southern part of Romania.

      • I shall be trying brown vinegar wet socks the next time I’m feeling flush. Thanks for the tip, these old remedies are surprisingly effective and lead us away from all of those dodgy pills.

  7. Apple cider vinegar story:

    I was trying to clear up a UTI that got out of hand during a holiday. Going to the doctor wasn’t really an option for a few days, so I started taking 2 teaspoons of the vinegar twice a day. This continued for about 4 days, at which point the UTI was gone, and so was my very, very entrenched smoking habit. On day 4, I woke up, did my usual groggy morning stumble around and then went outside for a cigarette. It tasted absolutely disgusting and I have not smoked since. It was like I just forgot I smoked. No word of a lie.

    In short…this stuff is, in my opinion, amazing. Thanks for the honey idea. I was just drinking the stuff straight. 8-/

    • This is a really heartening story. This vinedar stuff is magic! So many people are feeling the effects. Have fine times, lee

  8. I came to Honegar via a weight loss site, which advocated a 30ml dose of apple cider vinegar twice a day to help calories burn OFF instead of being laid down as fat.

    I found Honegar to be much more palatable than straight vinegar, but i’m not certain about the effect of the honey—after all it IS sugar, and high in calories (I’m trying to stick below 1200 a day).

    I’d be pleased to hear any comments about its use in weight loss.

    Thanks, Abigail, Age 72, London, UK

    • Hello Abigail, I’m not sure about the weight loss elements of this drink, but there are many other health benefits. Honey is full of good sugar, but we all need a little sweetness in our lives! All the best, lee

  9. Topsy

    My grandmother used to swear by honeygar and lived to 91.. I came across some cider vinegar in a health shop and thought I would give it a try. But What do you mean by ‘mother’ – and say something about distillation process inhibiting various healthgiving properties – but surely all vinegar is distilled. I am a bit confused – please explain.

    • Distillation tends to kill some bad things and some good things, like flavour and in this case the essential mother. I don’t know the exact science, that is definitely not my strong point, but trust me that it only works with the mother. You should be able to find some of the good stuff in a health food shop et al. Great to hear your Grandmother lived a long life and used honeygar. Hope this helps, lee and janex

  10. Native Americans use honey and vinegar for healing. 1/3 white vinegar to 2/3 honey will take away pain and swelling. Wrapped with white cloth. I like your recipe. It would work. Vinegar and honey are powerful medicine for the body.

    • Thanks John, great to know that native americans are using this remedy. Happy days!

    • Stephen

      Posting from “across the pond” and on behalf of my own ancestry, but white vinegar was unknown to native peoples. Additionally, native apples lacked the requisite sugar content for fermentation, but wild grapes were abundant. It is suggested that vinegar was used for medicinal purposes, but was typically of “stale” fermented grape variety left for approximately 1 month to become vinegar. Modern Native peoples quite possibly use white vinegar as it is inexpensive and budgetary constraints caused by the removal of ancestral lands and systematic destruction of their history and culture has made common usage of Organic raw ACV with the “mother” something out of reach for many people.

      • Sorry to hear about this Stephen, this is a terrible situation. We are blessed with a health food shop in the next town that supplies us, otherwise we’d have to order on the internet. This seems to be the only way for many people to get ACV with the ‘mother’. It is not ideal, but a compromise of sorts. I wish you all the best. Peace, lee

  11. Hello! I’ve been circling around cider vinegar as a tonic ever since making an orange/apricot chutney with it. And I now have some organic bee honey from my daughter’s hives. The bees are on my “prayer” list…what would we do without their work? Great way to keep them in mind. Thanks for the encouragement and for following my blog!

  12. Kathleen Benner-Hart

    What is Apple Cider Vinegar with Mother?

    • Hello Kathleen, The mother is basically all the good bacteria that is killed in the pasteurization process. It has amazing health properties and is a must, if you are drinking vinegar for health reasons and lets face it, you aren’t going to be drinking vinegar for any other reasons!!!!!! I forget the science of it all, but you can get vinegar with the Mother in it from most health food style shops and even some supermarkets stock it (in the UK). Hope this helps. Any other Q’s just let us know. Take it easy, lee

  13. Lindsey

    Hiya …which supermarkets please as buying it online is expensive with postage….I saw a MOther bottle online expensive p&p

    • I’m not sure, a friend mentioned it was available in the big shops. Have you a health food shop nearby,they will probably stock Biona products, this is a great ACV and cheap. Happy days, lee

  14. Pam

    It is sold in Holland and Barrett. Can anyone advise how long it can be stored and still be used. I bought some and after a month it started to get black bits in it??

    • Hello Pam, being vinegar and honey, it normally lasts well. If bought from Holland and Barrett, I am not sure. We normally make our Honeygar freshly every day. It seems easier and it means we can use local honey and ACV of our choice. Getting black bits in after a month sounds dodgy, I’d have a look at the use by date and maybe even take it back to H & B ask them what they think. All the finest, lee

  15. brian purslove

    If distillation kills off the enzymes in the ACV surely using fresh boiled water does a similar job.Likewise any good bacteria in the honey could be affected. However it does seem to work.

    • That is a very good point Brian, I’d probably advise the water to cool slightly first. ACV certainly works, its a fine way to start any day. All the finest, lee

  16. Hi! Thanks so much for liking my blog! xx

  17. Mark Tripp.

    I have Rheumatoid Arthritis,and the drugs I am taking, are simply not working..I am currently on another course of steroids.My physical job,is becoming increasingly difficult.I have decided to try to cut out the sugar packed treats I love,and try Honegar,after reading so many positive comments.

  18. Sandy

    Honegar is brilliant I now have been using it for over 6 months it does take awhile to kick in but once it does it’s brilliant. I now take it with me when I go away and won’t be without it thank you.

  19. What an interesting post. I have become interested in a diet that maintains an alkaline Ph this past year and your post has a lot of gems in it! btw – I was drawn to your blog immediately as my kids spend time at their parents “Beach House” each summer. I look forward to reading and learning more here at thebeachhousekitchen.

    • Thank you Lisa for the wonderful comment. We think it is important to keep things as alkaline as possible and vinegar and a good green based juice is the perfect way to start an alkaline day! Thanks for dropping by, lee and jane

  20. Hi, have recently been diagnosed with Fibromyalgia. Whilst researching on the net I have stumbled across the benefits of cider vinegar. I bought a bottle yesterday. Can you advise how often I drink this?? I have started drinking a cup full with warm water first thing in the morning on a empty stomach but unsure how many times a day it becomes beneficial??? Very excited about the benefits of this, heres hoping 🙂

    • Hello Julie, There are many benefits to drinking acv on a regular basis. We have it first thing in the morning also. I am bot sure if drinking it throughout the day would be more beneficial and feel unsure about giving any advice related to treating ailments etc. I can only say that google know all! All the very best, lee

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  22. Alison


    I’m just reading up on honegar online. I read your interesting post then moved on to another website… It looks like this one has copied your post word for word:

    Just thought I’d let you know.

  23. Kumar

    Hi does it help in loosing weight

    • Loosing weight = eat less, eat healthier, do more exercise. I’m not sure of honey gar will help, especially the honey aspect. There are folks who just drink the vinegar and hot water and, after getting used to it, its tasty! Good luck with all. Peace, lee

  24. Kumar

    Have bought honegar from Holland and Barrett. Is that a good one to drink. I can’t find the ACV with mother in any shops in uk.

    • There are varieties that you can buy in the UK, or even better, make your own! I know its time consuming, but once you get the hang of it, making vinegar is easy and cost effective. Take care, lee

  25. Catherine Mackay

    I take honeygar with cinnamon and local honey in hot water every day..seems to be helping arthritic pain in my fingers

  26. I make my own. I’m in the UK and I use Aspall organic cyder vinegar and wildflower honey from the health food shop. Add to a jug 50% honey + 50% cider vinegar by weight. Just stir with a spoon to mix them together. The honey dissolves easily in the vinegar at room temperature. There’s no need to heat them. Transfer to a bottle for storage. It keeps for ages. I take 1 or 2 tablespoons in a glass of water once or twice a day.

  27. Harry

    I am thinking of trying this as body is suffering from aches and pains. However, I have a question:

    Does adding boiled (hot) water to the vinegar not denature the proteins and therefore reduce their efficacy? Would warm water (c. 40degC) would be better? Anyone got any thoughts?

  28. Lynn Chatterton

    What an interesting site! I was just idly looking for info on honeygar to pass on to my sister who is suffering with knee and hip pain. Having been ill myself recently I have been considering cutting back on meat and eating more naturally. Trouble is, I just don’t know where to start so it’s just a theory in my head at the moment. Now I’ve discovered your site I’ll be a regular visitor. Keep up the good work and thank you.

  29. Gwen Cooper (Quintella)


    I am in the UK. I am suffering terribly with what must be arthritic pain all over my body and its very depressing as I have had lots of scans and nothing is found – the doctors just say, your scans are ‘normal’ end of story. A friend gave me a bottle of Honegar last week and I started taking it twice a day. I don’t know if its a coincidence but I can get up stairs without going on all fours and can again go to the top of my garden – what joy. I also have been cleaning carpets and gardening and I sleep better. My
    husband is ready to jump on the band wagon and I am instructed to order more.

    Will keep you posted as the weeks go on.


    • Brilliant news Quintella:) So glad to hear that the a.c.v is working for you, we have heard many cases of this. Please keep us posted, I hope your husband gets the same results!

  30. Cathy Acres

    I’ve just started taking honeygar with manuka honey does it matter if you add a sugar free cocentrate to it? Don’t like the taste with it in plain water but I guess you get used to it.

  31. Patrick Dockery

    honeygar forget taste and knock it back I take a small amount in cold water straight back each morning my knees used to give me hell walking was bad kneeling down then trying to get back up agony then bought a bottle from H&Barretts love you honeygar Thank you Sir Ranulph Fiennes read your story in national paper though I might give it a try Just Brilliant

  32. Bill

    Was this copied with your permission? or gathered independently?

  33. Joy Termorshuizen

    I stopped taking AVC with the mother for a while as I could not get it where I was…guess what…after a short while my osteo arthritis came back with a vengeance ! So I am back on it again and am noticing the difference. Its not a quick cure, like all natural treatments it takes a while to kick in so be patient and take it every day. I take a teaspoon twice a day.

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