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In order to assimilate and utilize our food for fuel proper food combining is a wonderful tool to guide us. When food is broken down into nutrients with ease in our stomach we can be sure that the digestive tract is able to easily break down food converting it into usable energy.  When proper food combining takes place we know that fats are broken down into fatty acids, carbohydrates are converted into Glucose or usable energy and protein transforms into amino acids. With these building blocks we can build lean, clean, strong bodies. They we are able to build muscle, hair, skin and bones and re-manufacture our own metabolic enzymes and hormones.
If you start to incorporate proper food combining you may notice weight loss, more energy, ease of digestion (no constipation, diarhea or gas/bloating) and an overall sense of well-being.

When foods are improperly combined this allows for food…

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  1. I really believe in food combining but don’t always manage to stick to it well. I find if I eat raw fruit I have to be careful of the order of the food I eat. However when I drink smoothies I can get away with a lot more for some reason.

    • It is difficult to get right, but if you spend a couple of days focusing on it, you really feel it. We felt very light and full of energy. It does mean many of our favourite dishes are off the menu, but it is worth a l little sacrifice. My blogging friend Dodhi has a quote on her site that reads something like, ‘are you ready to feel good all the time’!? We’d certainly like to try. Great to see you here Katherine, l ooking forward to checking out green thickies. Happy days, lee

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