We are what we eat – G.M. Foods, Millions Against Monsanto, G.M.O’s and Codex Alimentarius

‘YOU ARE WHAT YOU EAT’.  So what are we eating?


I don’t mean our farmer Pete down the road, who is growing organically with an ethical approach and love for nature.  I mean generally.  On a global scale.  Our modern, industrialised approach to nature and food.

GM foods (or GMO’s http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Genetically_modified_organism) are affecting us all.  Unless we are very well-informed and stringent with our food supply a GMO is present on every plate of food we consume.

This is a major issue for the future of the human race. 

This is in no way and exaggeration of the problem we face.  Monsanto is a good example of the people who are treating and managing our food.  It is a vile multi-national corporation who are involved in many terrible projects and have a deadly track record.

To name one of their crimes against humanity.  Monsanto are knowingly selling infertile seeds to farmers (‘infertile’ meaning that farmers need to buy new seeds each season from Monsanto at inflated prices).  These seeds then produce hybrid seeds after mixing with the local, indigenous plants.  This process carries on, naturally, bees, birds and the wind spread these tainted seeds throughout the land, leaving us with a truly horrifying situation.  Sterile nature!  Can you dare to imagine!

If unchecked, this will be (is!) a huge concern to us all.  Monsanto is but an example of the type of people, all to common in the madness of the worlds multi-nationals, who place money (or coloured paper) before the lives of other humans, nature and bizarrely enough themselves (after all, they eat this food and have their own families).  This suggests a level of insanity that if allowed to spread any further, may infect us all and will certainly ruin the planet for future generations.  God knows how these cretins will be viewed by our children and our children’s children.  Will we be the generation that sat and watched the world being ruined by a bunch of greedy bankers and fat cats?  I sincerely hope not.

This is a huge problem and when faced an issue of such magnitude, it’s easy to feel helpless and lost.  Below are some sites and information that have inspired me to educate myself about this crisis and get involved, tell my friends etc.  You will rarely (if ever) see in mass media.  Not because it isn’t true.  Surely this is front page news!?


There is much info on this brilliant U.S. site if you’re interested in an organic way of life and a reversal in the nightmarish trend towards G.M.O. foods (I was told that Spain is now 100% GMO which is very, very scary.  You can’t reverse 100%).  The facts are laid out here for us all to see Monsanto are up to.

Next we have Codex who are an organisation we should all know more about.  They set the food safety guidelines for the World Health Organisations (backed by the U.N. and most ‘developed’ countries).  Codex seems to be a company ran by people who are utterly detached from the natural world and the seemingly logical manner in which people should healthily eat, live and prosper.  See the video clip below.  It is quite startling.  In fact, Codex’s agenda seems at odds with their stated purpose of existence, namely to ‘protect the health of the consumer’.  These are the same people who claimed nutrients to be ‘TOXINS’.  This is alarming, baffling and quite true.


Below is an impassioned clip of CODEX being explained (part 1 of 4) in full by an experienced doctor.  This is a MUST WATCH if you are concerned about the future of the world’s food.

Also an article in the Guardian (U.K.) about Codex putting forward plans to eradicate health supplements and a list of nutrients from out diets.


Much of our food is being irradiated, supported by our food guardians at Codex.  Fruit and Veg blasted with radiation!  You know that pear, pineapple etc…. that hasn’t ripened in a month!?  Read more below (PS – I use Wikipedia articles because they are reasonably balanced and credible to most people.  There is a lot more and possibly better info if you have a quick search yourself.)


Hopefully these get your juices going (you can probably tell, its gets me pumped up!).  Unfortunately this is merely the tip of the iceberg.

As far as we can tell, nature is our only real example of perfection.  Who are we to tamper with something so pure.   Something that actually works!  I think even the most devout supporter of a GM future would verify to the erratic, imperfect history of human behavior.  We most definitely do not know everything and should in no way be responsible for our future as a species of funny looking primates.

I could rant here all day, this is a diverse and very deep subject that all governments, The World Health Organisation, The United Nations etcetcetc are all involved in.  These people are not our friends.

It’s big fight, but one that is surely worth getting involved with, at least educating ourselves about.  What we are putting into our bodies and the bodies of our kids?  For those who say, ‘I cant do anything’ (email me, we can start something), or ‘its not important’ (I’ve met a few), I would ask you to read a little into it and imagine a world were in this generation your local bank also doubles as a seed bank, where you can buy one type of apple at Tesco stores across Europe and where the beauty of spring blooming will only occur at a monetary cost.

And by way of a finale……..


These are not the people I want to control the future of food?  How about you?


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