A Massive Festive Hug!


The depths of winter on Mojon Beach

Just a quickie to say:


and then:


Hope you have a very magical time with plenty of tofu pie and pumpkin crisps………and the odd sherry to wash it all down.

It seems like an ice age since we last said a little ‘hello’. We have been suffering from a very Spanish dilemma over here in Murcia, cooking loads of gorgeous nibbles and bites, but easing into the manana (tomorrow) lifestyle a little too easily. “Manana, manana, manana…..” its a magnificent way to live, but leads to a lack of posts and far too much time to contemplate dinner whilst lounging on a beach. Its 20oC today, Christmas Eve and we are soaking up the rays on behalf of all Beach Houser’s out in lands not so well endowed with festive sunbeams. We salute you!

We are planning a quiet Christmas on the terrace with my Dad and some stunning local vino and a mammoth veg-fest terrine (not necessarily in that order!).  Jane is plotting a platter of potato served three ways, as you all know, Jane is partial to a patata or three.  Dad is fully on board with the vegan express and we’re going totally  vegetal this festive period.  Bravo big man!

2014 has been a great year at the Beach House, thanks for all of your support and inspiration. Jane and I are in India in the new year, so you can expect plenty of curry based action very soon. Our new year resolution will be to whip up more posts, hopefully this year, we’ll actually get around to it. Life so rich and ‘Manana’ an ever viable option…..

Peace, Love and Light,

Lee and Janexxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

The Winterwonderland (a massive calcite wave with turquoise pools) Pammukale, Turkey

The Winterwonderland (a massive calcite wave with turquoise pools) Pammukale, Turkey


CHEERS! (G+T’s all round)


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12 thoughts on “A Massive Festive Hug!

  1. Happy Christmas to both of you.. and enjoy India.. And sending love and Best wishes for a wonderful 2015..
    Sue x

  2. I love me some potatoes too. Have a great holiday!

    • You have a friend for life in Jane then! Whenever I ask Jane what she would like for dinner the response is generally “POTATOES!!!!!” I love ’em too. Plenty of roasties over the festive period which I think is my favourite method of deliciousness. Take great care and happy 2015

  3. Peace, love and light to you and your loved ones too. 😀

  4. Pure awesomeness. You 2 radiate joie de vivre and reflect it back in bucket loads. We moths, to your flame are most wonderfully happy to live vicariously in your adventures. What a life you both have and a most very well deserved one at that. Kudos to your dad for giving the green flag to an all vego Christmas and here’s to communal heat, sand, sea and joy. Turkey looks amazing, Spain does too and India is the stuff that exotic dreams are made of. Bring on 2015 Beach house style I say! 🙂

    • Merry 2015 dear tazzers!!!!!! I’ve been unplugged from the net for a while and am sitting in Manchester Airport, ready for the plane to Delhi. Does it sound glamorous?! Its not at all…… We had an awesome time in Spain, Janes still there in the country walking dogs and probably doing some beach time. Im off with Dad for a whirlwind trip around India which should be a blast. I hope the garden is in full bloom and Steve is not working too hard! Peace and Parsnips, lee

      • Love the jetsetting life you guys lead and how interesting your lives must be! Garden is feral, I have some awesome baby macadamia nut trees and lots of new edibles flourishing and we built 2 new huge garden beds for edibles so we doubled our food growing potential. LOTS more veggies and edible perennials on Serendipity Farm. We are going to look into creating Frankentrees ( https://turkeysong.wordpress.com/2010/03/16/113/ ) That site is an awesome one by the way. Hugs peece and (I wish we could grow) parsnips right back atcha both and see you on a lightning visit when you return to your mountain 🙂

      • You guys are a serious inspiration, maybe one day Jane and I will settle down a little and have a go at some Frankentrees. Peace and Pumpkins, lee

      • Lol, we CAN grow pumpkins (last year they swallowed our garden 😉 ) so that’s a more fitting moniker for us ;). Those frankentrees are entirely possible in small spaces where people want variety but don’t have a lot of room. You can buy multigrafted citrus and stone fruit but why not try it yourself? Makes perfect sense and you are learning a whole new skill in the process 🙂

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