Beach House Garden – Summer Update

The Beach House Garden

Well there has been little summer to speak of really. The clouds parted today, so I went outside and took a few pictures, but really this summer has been very strange.  Even the old timers down the farm say they cannot fathom what is going on.  The soil should be warm and it is cold and damp, meaning the plants don’t know what to do.

White Rose

Our lonesome Kori Squash and Rainbow Kale

We have had a few minor successes, mainly down to raiding our neighbours horse field for massive piles of poo.  It’s like magic dust. One sprinkle and the plants shoot up. The potatoes love this environment and sprang up, they are just starting to flower and we may have a look soon to see if we have any tasty little tubers.

The Potato Patch

Rampant Foxglove



After an epic battle with slugs and snails, we have managed to get one squash plant through the madness. We have been trying all sorts, beer traps, gravel and jagged rocks, I have been on many stealth nighttime missions to snatch them off our precious green friends. Sometimes it felt like a losing battle, but now things are established and semi-blooming, all these efforts seem worthwile. The squash is growing nicely and we hope to have our first Welsh kori squash soon. Beetroots, rainbow kale, runner beans and hannibal leeks are all holding in there.

The Beetroot Jungle

Flowering Succulents

We have also diversified in the herb garden, with some different types of thyme and our new favourite, ginger mint. A wonderful thing that has its own bed to go wild in. We have been loving wandering out to the herb garden and cutting our own fresh herbs. A real cooks treat (even in the howling gales).
We think it will be a late summer (we hope!) and in late September, we will be cooking with our first batch of Beach House Veg. We will keep you posted.

Beauty Beets

Kori Squash and Runner Beans

Tomato plants (hiding in the green cupboard)


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20 thoughts on “Beach House Garden – Summer Update

  1. Absolutely beautiful! 😉

  2. Sometimes nature has a mind of its own and leaves us to do the legwork of figuring it all out. Yet, there is beauty to all of that chaos and unpredictability. Lovely pics! Thank you…

    • It sure is chaotic! Or thats how it seems. We are surrendered to its intelligence and just hope for a couple of beetroots come September. Happinessx

  3. Your garden is a little heaven.

    • It is magical to lie out there near the pond and the stone circle, I wish you could see the view! Mountains, the ocean and a big island (Anglesey). If we had better weather this would be paradise on earth, in its own way, it already is. Love and light, leex

      • May the warm wind from the Sahara dessert come to your garden :-). blessings , love and sunshine

      • Ah, the saharan wind. The sun has just broke out and I’m off to check the beetroots. You are sending the sun across the channel Ivelina. Blessings and thanksX

  4. elle

    you have such a gorgeous garden! what a nice way to live 😀
    …and btw, that stone wall is the coolest thing ever

    • Cheers! We have those walls all around here, dry stone walls. They are all works of art and the split these landscapes up into old fields, many now redundant, yet the walls still stand. The garden is just starting, we hope to make it better and better until we can grow most of our own veggies. Happy days

  5. If I could give you some of our summer here in hot hot Sacramento, California, I would! But hey, the garden looks pretty dang good, regardless!

    • It is green, very green around here. That is the one thing you could say about our climate. Green things like it a lot. The rain is lashing down outside and there is more on the way, if you could mail over a chunk of Californian sun, we would love you dearly! Stay cool. Love and light, leex

    • Hey, send some of that California sun up here to Seattle too, wouldja? Lee and Jane, your garden looks so happy. And like its April. 🙂 (Mine too!!). I’m definitely going to have to figure out a greenhouse setup for tomatoes next year.

      • Yes, the wind is howling as I type……thats what you get for living in the wild parts! The greenhouse thing was gift from Jane’s Mum and Dad for my birthday. The tomatoes are doing ok in there, but there isn’t much space. This is our first year, so its all a steep learning curve. A little Californian sun would definitely help! Peace and Love, lee

  6. hi Jane & Lee,
    such a nirvana on earth you both have!! lovely! n it has been a strange weather indeed… enjoy the nice, sunny days anyway when they do come. blessed weekend! – Retno –

    • Thank you, thank you. We certainly like our little kingdom in the hills. I would love to read your blog, but I struggle with new languages. It looks lovely though! Have great times, lee

  7. thank you. I know the language is the sole problem.. 😦 i’ve been thinking to write the posts in English whenever I post about Indonesian recipes. will make it real soon.. btw, I tried already to make the carrot-beetroot juice. soooo good! i like it! thanks again for the recipe. weekend is already in the air again. so have a great time!

  8. The entire concept of having your own garden is a novelty for me – as we live in an apartment. Amazing array of fresh vegetables in your home garden… I couldn’t read the text though – was coming on the wooden bg – was difficult to read. have you changed the bg?

    • Hello Ishita, the bg hasn’t changed? Having a garden is something that I’ve always wished for and now we are getting a little sun, things are actually growing! Hoorah. Maybe get some windowboxes? Happy days, lee

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