Beach House Dressing

Beach House Dressing

We are in love with this.  It is going on or in most things that we are munching on at the moment.  Like most Beach House recipes, its super easy and quick.

Jane and I are both missing big flavours, I normally use a lot of spice in my cooking and they are lacking in our current diet.  Jane, of course, adores chocolate.  The sensual experience of raw eating is totally different, but this is a very creamy and more-ish dressing to go with the crunch of our salads.

The quantity of each flavour depends on your palate, maybe you like it sweet, maybe you like slightly sour.  Have a play here.  The flax seeds add a nice crunch and the garlic a little heat.  If you are not a huge fan of raw garlic (its fiery) omit the garlic.  It will make a great dressing.

We make alot of this, it keeps well in the fridge and I’m sure will soon become on of your ‘house’ favourites.

The Bits

Makes a decent bowlful

3/4 cup extra virgin olive oil (evoo)

2 tbs tahini

2 cloves garlic (crushed, optional)

1 tbs apple cider vinegar

2 teas brown rice syrup (or other sweetener)

1 tbs flax seeds

1 teas braggs liquid amino acid (or a pinch of sea salt).

Do It

Add all the ingredients to a bowl and bled together with a fork.  Taste, adjust flavour according to taste.  We like ours quite tangy, so we add a little more vinegar, but there should be a good balance of sweet and sour over the creamy tahini.


You can douse it on vegetables, salads, it would be amazing on new or roasted potatoes (leave overnight in a fridge and let the flavours mingle and soak).

We Love It!

We can’t stop making this and devouring it, smothered on whatever it takes!

Foodies Fact 

Apparently cider vinegar increases memory and concentration, which we need  quite desperately.  Cider vinegar contains over 90 substances and is actually less acidic than coca cola.

The glorious colours of raw food

We thought you might like to see what we actually put this dressing on.

Above is a picture of last nights dinner, served with the ‘Beach House Dressing’.  Jane’s ‘Traffic Light Salad’ with a delicious ‘Butternut Squash and Seaweed Salad’:

Diced butternut squash and courgette, grated carrot and red onion, topped with diced cauliflower and nori (soaked overnight).

Happy crunching!

lee and janeX

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13 thoughts on “Beach House Dressing

  1. Harvesting Happiness

    We’ve been doing something similar since I’m a vinegar fiend … Almost the same actually minus the tahini; but we’ve been adding a half thai red pepper or jalapeño for more kick!

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  3. With our rapidly approaching summer this is going to be a staple here on Serendipity Farm, cheers for sharing guys 🙂

    • Its a keeper. Miso, vinegar and tahini. Makes my taste buds do joyous back flips.

      • My kind of zing. I always have a few kinds of miso, some homemade tahini and vinegar on hand and I plan on living out of the garden this year, LOTS of veggies and possibilities and we are going to try growing chia, amaranth and quinoa to 🙂 We have local producers of quinoa so we must have good conditions for it 🙂

      • You’re living the (grain-based) dream!!!!!! Growing chia and quinoa sounds magnificent.

      • Gotta see if it grows yet and if it does we are going to partition off an area specifically for grain as our 25 chooks and 1 duck LOVE it! 😉 Tell Jane we are getting a dozen eggs a day and I don’t eat them…what to do…what to do! 😉

      • Pet fox? Or maybe a python could polish them off? Can you get the pooches on the scrambled egg? I am in a similar situation, we are surrounded by magnificent eggs and down at the retreat centre, they have just built a new and quite swish chicken coop to hold some magnificent looking hens. All these eggs and no one to eat them!!!!

      • Our dogs are loving our egg glut. They hunt them out on the property so they figure that they deserve the spoils of the hunt…nothing funnier than seeing the dogs get very excited about finding a nest full of eggs 😉

      • We’d love a mutt? There are so many lovely little guys in the local animal centre but we’re too footloose at the minute. One day we will have an Earl and may raise him of tofu (I have a friend who does this to great effect). YOU ROCK (so do the dogs)

      • Cheers guys 🙂 Earl says that you rock as well 🙂

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