Beach House Radio – Our top choppin’ tunes

Some of our top tunes to chop to………..



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3 thoughts on “Beach House Radio – Our top choppin’ tunes

  1. Anything Zepp is go to music here on Serendipity Farm along with Pink Floyd and Stevie-boy and my shared favourite, David Bowie. Rodriguez was HUGE here in Australia. Apparently South Africa and Australia drove his success. I remember all of his songs on the radio when I was a kid but most people have never heard of him. Awesome singer, awesome songs. George Harrison is my personal favourite Beatle. I can never get enough George Harrison and some of my favourite songs are his :). I guess the song with “no name” that goes for 4.58 is “white noise” by our very own Aussie “The Living End”? ;). Leonard Cohen is emotional stuff. I listen to Mr Leonard when I need a good cry. Sugarman seems to be playing on rewind in the Beach house and that “Animal Collective – In the Flowers” cover is moving! LOVE Mr Marley. If you don’t love Mr Marley you can’t be jammin’ with the Beach House crew ;). Excellent selection guys 🙂

  2. Your blog is so FUN!!!!!!

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