Avocado, Coconut and Apple Breakfast Pudding + THE Best Way to Start the Day

(Sorry guys, we had problems with the photos for this one and they now seem to be lost.  Recipe is still delicious though!)

This makes for a sweet and super nutritious start to the day.  Who says pudding is just for later in the day anyway!  We like to mix things up over here on the hill and this is dessert first thing, what a way to start the day!

A serious combination of goodness this avocado and coconut, to some a pair of fat filled fiends, but to those of us in the nutritious know, two full blown detox powerhouses of legendary proportions.  Am I exaggerating, very probably!!!!  But seriously, don’t be put off by all that fat talk, good fats doesn’t even make you fat anyway!  It’s all that refined sugar aka bad carbs, aka breakfast cereals…….  We haven’t even got started on how these actually taste, a mixture made in heaven for certain.


The coco water here is a brilliant re-hydrator due to its high quantity of electrolytes, beats any ‘sports drink’ hands down, and we all need a good dose of hydration in the morning.  This is a dense pudding so get the body fully woken up before you attempt to spoon it down.  We’d always recommend starting the day with a pint of warm water with a squeeze of lemon or a tbs of apple cider vinger (avec mother) in it at least 20 mins before having your breakfast/ pud.  This is the best way to start the day with plenty of good clean fluids which will get the system well oiled, hydrated and sparkling early on.  A pint of water can only help at anytime, especially in the morning when our body has being shriveling up whilst we sleep.

This ‘pudding’ is utterly guilt free!!!!!  It has a firm kick of greens, with some wonder green powder, spinach (or kale, or cabbage leaves, whatever you have handy) and the wonderfully gelatinous linseeds.  This is what gives the coco pudding its super thick texture and pudding-ness.

Naturally sweet and creamy, this could probably be frozen and made into a splendid summer ice cream.  We haven’t tried this though.  Has anyone frozen an avocado?

Good Mornin’s and BHOM!

The Bits

1 avocado, ½ fresh coconut plus coco water (chopped in chunks), 2 sweet apples (halved and seeded), 1 tbs ground linseeds/ flax seeds (soaked for 20 minutes in 3tbs water), 1 cup creamy coconut milk, ½ lime (zest and juice), 1 handful spinach leaves, 1 tbs barley powder/ wheatgrass/ spirulina

Do It

Blend it, all of it, until thick and creamy.


Sprinkle things on top if you like, but its great just as it is and as always, not too cold please, set the flavours free!

We Love It!

What a way to get things going in the morn!  Its fair to say that Jane and I are not natural morning birds, we tend to blossom later in the day, especially when we’re feed some AM dessert!  Hoorah!  What a concept, this could be the next big thing (way bigger than the last big thing, which was just medium/large in comparison.)

Foodie Fact

Coconuts are one of the most nutritious fruits on earth.  It contains a load of lauric acid, which is known for antiviral, antifungal, antibacterial properties and also boost the immune system.

Coconut water (the stuff in the nut) has a huge amount of electrolytes, making it an ace in preventing dehydration.  In some parts of the world they use it intravenously to hydrate critically ill patients.

Coconut, although being high in fat, actually helps you loose weight!  Its good for the heart, rejuvenates the skin (keeping wrinkles away), increases metabolism and actually lowers cholesterol.

Only downside is, they don’t grow in Wales!!!!!

Yesterdays breakfast - eaten in the garden!!!!!

Yesterdays breakfast – Blueberry and Mango Salad with a Banana Tahini Sauce eaten in the garden with the sun!!!!!

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10 thoughts on “Avocado, Coconut and Apple Breakfast Pudding + THE Best Way to Start the Day

  1. Wooooowww!!!! What great component ideas! My smoothies usually become thick enough that I need a spoon, and I never thought to call them porridge – that just opens a world of possibilities! I’m going to make something like this this week. Not too many organic apples around here, so I’ll probably swap it with papaya. And the photo on the bottom looks great as well!! I’ve been using some black sesame seed tahini in fruit smoothies, and they taste great! I pile on the greens too – spirulina, moringa… Yah smoothies!! Thanks for sharing Lee!

    • Its a very thick smoothie! It seems that alot of raw food is graded by its thickness, sometimes a thick smoothie can be a soup and even a curry!? They all taste good to me! Great to here that you are still in Thailand. How is the teaching going? Do you have a house over there? Have you been to any other meditation retreats? Black sesames are amazing, we get them from a Malaysian man in Bangor. I love their toasti-ness. Have magic times, leex

  2. Thanks, this looks deliscious!

  3. Looks delicious! I might try this with cashews since I don’t have access to coconut all the time 🙂

    • Nice one Gabby! Cashews will be amazing also, we are lucky to be getting some pretty good cocos at the moment (not Welsh unfortunately!). Have magic times, lee and janex

  4. yummy .. am drooling

  5. I love breakfast ideas like this, all I would add is some of my homemade organic soy milk kefir (sweetened with date paste) that I freeze in icecube trays for summer green smoothies. I saw a great post on Bonzai Aphroditie today about making your own green smoothie powder out of home grown greens in the dehydrator. A really great idea and one that I am going to use. I have about 5 kg of spirulina that I bought a few years ago as an aid to my body building (the body building has gone by the wayside but the spirulina remains 😉 ) that isn’t as disgusting mixed into a green smoothie as it is on its own in water so I am slowly using it but the powdered greens would be an amazing energy source to accompany your raw diet 🙂

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