This will make a great cold/ raw soup. We’d be using soya yoghurt for this delicious sounding recipe. Yum!

Simple Sustenance

“Let food be thy medicine, and let thy medicine be food.” Hippocrates

On warm days we crave for cool and refreshing dishes. Recipes that require minimum or no cooking to avoid heat in the kitchen seem most desirable. Salads, smoothies, cold soups, and sandwiches take center stage to make our lives a little easier.

One such recipe I enjoy a lot on warm days is cold yogurt soup. With possibility of several variations, it is always a welcome relief to beat the heat.  It is simple and refreshing with no cooking at all which is an added bonus. Moreover, health benefits of yogurt makes it even more worthwhile. It’s good for digestion, and is a powerhouse of beneficial bacteria. But I say it is a do good friend, and I enjoy it everyday.

This soup is a healthy package of good ingredients served in a bowl. Creamy yogurt is mixed…

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  1. never really hot enough in dublin for cold soup

    • Its a bit chilly in Wales too! You need to really want the cold soup!!!! I fully understand the dilemma, but the cold soups are very satisfying.

      • I know an ex of mine was Russian and she made a lovely sour-cream and cucumber one with dill mmhhh hot summers in Germany and the soup very good mix

  2. I can’t wait to try this.

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