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I was going to write a post about making paneer, but why bother when desi chick at kolpona cuisine has done such a grand job. Paneer is so expensive in the shops and yet so easy to whip up at home. It makes sense to get some muslin/ cheesecloth and have a go yourself. I will be making my favourite paneer curry soon, there are so many options. Thank you desi chick and happy cheese makingX

Kolpona Cuisine

For quite a while now I’ve been wanting to make my own paneer instead of paying $6 for a 12 oz package at my local ethnic grocery store.  So I decided I’d call a friend who’s really good at cooking all kinds of stuff and ask if she’s ever made paneer, no such luck.  Next, I called my mom (Ma or Amma).  She gave me some super vague directions, “get some milk and then curdle it.”  Then this last Saturday as I was sitting through an annual volunteer training at the State Penitentiary (I volunteer regularly at the State women’s prison) and the facilitator mentioned that there was an outbreak of prisoners making their own cheese and then bartering it for other valuables.  Whaaat?  So, I asked the facilitator “how did the inmate make cheese without a heat source or acid?” (I wanted answers, dang it)  ~ the answer?  “you…

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