food and recipe manifesto

Playing with food, my day job at Trigonos Retreat Centre

Playing with food, my day job at Trigonos Retreat Centre

We are not great believers in recipes!  At least not measuring things out perfectly.  Cooking allows us to express out creative side, in these busy times, an important outlet.  We don’t want you to feel inhibited by stringent recipes.  Experiment, add your own twist to each recipe, to your own taste.  Balance is important of course, your palate is the key to creating brilliant food.  If you like garlic, chuck another clove (or three) in.  That’s the fun of it.  Our food should always be cooked with love and eaten with gusto and smiles.

Most of these recipes are created in the B.H.K with what we have available; whats local, whats from the land.  Some recipes may come from friends of the the B.H.K (which we love!) or occasionally, we may also refer to a cookbook, websites or blogs.  In exceptionally tasty circumstances.

All recipes are broken down into these sections:

The Bits:  All the lovely ingredients.

Do It:  All the lovely steps in bringing a Beach House creation to life.

Serve:  Making the dish look sexy and what to serve it with.

We Love It!:  Our favourite part of cooking or eating the dish.

Foodie Fact: Nutritional information about the dish.  The science bit!

And occasionally

The Pickled Part/ Boozy Bit: Which drinks will compliment the meal.

A B.H.K. 'Fridge Clearing Tapas Adventure'

A B.H.K. ‘Fridge Clearing Tapas Adventure’

You will find our recipes are simple and often quick.  We don’t like to mess around with frilly bits, just make it really tasty, with simple presentation.  Our food is not what you’d called ‘refined’, it’s all about bold flavours and bright colours.  Fresh and vibrant tastes, a wholesome approach.  Food that is wild and free.  We are passionate about this!!!  From sourcing and buying the ingredients, to tossing them into a pan, oven or juicer; even down to the piles of washing up.  We love the entire process.

Happy day at the Sunday market (with backpack full of good stuff), Puerto Mazzaron, Spain

Happy day at the Sunday market (with backpack full of good stuff), Puerto Mazzaron, Spain

We will be using terms like pinch, glug and handful.  Polite Reminder – Please apply common sense whenever possible (not just in the kitchen).  I have big hands and love wine.  My handfuls and glugs may be larger than most.  Otherwise we try and keep things in British metric, grams and kilograms.


Chopping things.  Please, please, please, watch your fingers!  Tuck them in.  Another tip from experience, wine and knives do not mix.  The recipes suggest cutting into small, medium or large chunks/ slices.  Refer to above ‘Polite Reminder’.  Normally I’ll chop things into random shapes, just to keep things interesting.  They most certainly don’t need to be neat, but things like onions, chilies, garlic, ginger etc, the core ingredients of dishes, need to be chopped evenly and quite fine.


We regularly scrub our veg clean of soil, and lop off any undesirable nobbles etc. but do not peel them (most of the goodness is in the skin).  Fortunately most of veg comes from the organic farm down the road.  We would urge you to always buy fresh, fresh and organic when you can.  Befriend your local farmer.  Veg and fruits from most supermarkets have had a torrid time and you will be rewarded with little flavour, unnatural shapes and colours and even worse, the potential of harmful pesticides and chemicals.  Buying local and organic will make all the difference to the dish and is all we are (quite) strict about.

Homegrown wonders!

Homegrown wonders!


Salt.  We try not to use much.  Some sea salt is amazing tasting stuff and not too bad for you, but most salts are terrible.  We have found that you get use to food without salt and other flavours are actually accentuated.  Try reducing your intake over time.  You get all the salts you need in the food you eat, unless you happen to be sweating profusely for many days.

When baking cakes/reads etc, please pay more attention to the measurements.

If you try a recipe, please leave us some feedback.  It would really make our day.  Even better, send us your improvements and ideas.  We’d love some new recipes to play with.

Cooking is like anything, with some effort and enthusiasm, we can expect great results!


Hell's Mouth Beach, Llyn Peninsula '14

Hell’s Mouth Beach, Llyn Peninsula ’14


13 thoughts on “food and recipe manifesto

  1. Michelle

    Your blog is a really refreshing read. I would like to invite you both to be guest bloggers. If you could please email me I will give you much more information.
    Thank you

  2. Lee, your blog is just delicious!!! Love love love to you and your kitchen fairies xx

  3. Hi Lee,
    Great blog! It’s always heartening to find someone else with a similar view in life. I’ve only just started in search of delicious and healthy food and will defintely be coming back to see what inspirational ideas Jane and yourself come up with!
    Serena aka HealthyGrazings

    • We have enjoyed your blog too, looking forward to reading some more. It is so true, we have met and been inspired by many blogs. Its a wonderful medium for sharing. lee and janex

  4. I love that real food manifesto. Would go nicely on an apron or tea towel for a daily reminder.

  5. I love the real food manifesto. It would go nicely on an apron or tea towel as a daily reminder.

    • Merchandise! Its the future….maybe we can get some beach house kitchen headbands too for a full ensemble! Have magic times, lee and janex

  6. oops-sorry for the double comment. Something odd just happened with the site while trying to post.

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  9. FOOD & DIRT

    Love your approach to food and cooking; and that you’re honest about the pickled parts LOL. I also agree with kvjinc re: apron – I would totally wear one :)

    • Chheeeeerrrsss! We all need a little pickling every now and then. Don’t we?!!! I admit to cutting back on the booze in recent times, but a good bottle of wine is something quite magical. Thanks for visiting the BHK. Peace, Lee

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