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It’s my birthday today, I’m 35 years young and going strong.  It’s also the start of National Vegetarian Week  in Britain and in the Beach House Kitchen, we are doing some serious veg based celebrating.  Jane and I have thought about dressing up as life sized vegetables (Jane – a cauliflower, Me – a carrot) and wandering the streets of the village, chanting pro-veg slogans, but instead we had a cup of nettle tea and went for a stroll instead……..Anyway, great to see the ‘eat more veg’  message getting out there and a wonderful week to try those veggie dishes you’ve been putting off for an age.

I don’t have much time to post this week, but we have recipes coming out of our ears and are experimenting with many new ingredients and flavour combos.  Exciting times indeed.

The Observer Food Monthly was almost meat free this month.  The Observer being probably the best Sunday newspaper in Britain (if you’re into that kind of thing).  There are loads of great recipes and stories in this edition and even a devout French Chef creating menu’s where meat takes a back seat to veg.  Vegetables are the stars!  We always knew they’d get the limelight one day!  There’s even a section about pairing wines with vegetables, essential info there.

Its magic for us to see all this happening from half way up the hill, here in sunny Wales.  More veg is such a positive message and is really important to the way we eat, our general health and the well being of our wonderful planet.


Happy munching,

Lee and Janexxxxx

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