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Top 10 tips for new vegans

New Articles ’17 

Seeking falafel perfection in Lebanon and making the dream falafel wrap

Our Discovering Vegan Cooking Event in Newcastle – Big thanks and some pics!!

I Ate Lebanon! – My experience of vegan Lebanese cuisine



Everyone’s Loving Jack! – Ten interesting facts about jackfruit

Lee’s Interview with Steve Wright BBC2 & Eleri Sion BBC Wales

Jungle Kopi Culture – Sampling Indonesia’s coffee culture

Cake Bully Anyone!? – China’s weird and wonderful menu options

Five Cookbooks That Inspire My Cooking – Article for the ‘Happy Foodie’

Street Eats and Delicious Days – Our Indonesian Holiday Snaps

Dal Bhat Power – What’s cooking in Nepal

We’re Supporting Veganuary 2017

Visiting Tofu Village – Yogyakarta, Indonesia

Lazy Lizard Lunch – Bangkok

Peace & Parsnips Out in the USA! – Reviews

Feeding the Future

The Big Chocolate Tasting and the Thrills of Real Cacao

Peace & Parsnips Competition Winners – Three Awesome New Recipes

Time For Peace Of Mind

22 of the World’s Bizzarest Sounding Food (bit of fun;)

Veganuary Features Loads of Peace & Parsnips Recipes

People, Food, Music – Permaculture in Rural India

Real Food – The Sustainable Way

Peace & Parsnips’ Nominated for Vegfest Vegan Award

Eating for the Earth

A Million Miles from Partial Self-Sustainability (But Trying!)

The Random Schoolgirl Invasion (Travel Story – Cooking in the Himalayas)

Peace & Parsnips Published Today – My Top 11 Recipes 

Interview with Happy Foodie Website 

Energy Efficient Eating – A Bright Idea!

Beer!  Which ones are vegan?

Beach House Radio – Our Top Choppin’ Tunes

Meat vs Veg – Lee’s TV Series

A Taste of Goan Cuisine Plus Papaya Paradise

Reasons To Go Vegan 1,2,3 

Trials and Tribulations of Vegan Travel

Step-By-Step Planting The Perfect Apple Tree

Soap Nuts – Detergent That Grows On Tree

Tips On Berry Foraging

The Joy of Gathering Nourishing Weeds

Raw Earth Month – What’s It All About?

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