World Meat Free Day Today! Is meat production costing the earth?

Today is World Meat Free Day  ‘One Small Step For Our Planet’!  I’ve been reading a lot this morning about the negative effects of the global industrialised animal industry.  There is no easy way around it, it is shockingly bad for the environment.  I don’t want to say too much about it really, the figures speak for themselves.  Here are just a few eye opening facts. Presently, our taste for meat is costing us the earth:

  • According to scientists at the World Bank, animal agriculture is responsible for over 50 percent of anthropogenic greenhouse gases (AGHG) produced world-wide, making animal agriculture responsible for more AGHG than all forms of transportation combined and tripled.
  • Animal agriculture is responsible for more deforestation that any other industry in the world.
  • Animal agriculture uses more fresh water than any other industry in the world, which contributes to water scarcity.
  • Animal agriculture is the world’s largest polluter of fresh water.
  • In the United States, on-the-job injuries among slaughterhouse workers are three times higher than in other factory jobs.
  • And, according to a recent report by the United Nations, 70 percent of all diseases in humans are linked to animal agriculture.
  • Everyday, 10,000 children die from starvation and one billion people suffer from malnutrition.  In the U.S. alone, the amount of grain fed to livestock could feed 840 million people per year.

Taken from this article on the Vegan Future Now site. One meat-free day makes a lot difference.  One vegan day takes it a huge step further in the right direction!  If you are thinking about becoming vegan, or taking steps towards a vegan lifestyle, check out the Vegan Society site for a huge amount of helpful advice/information.  Their 30 day vegan pledge is an excellent resource to support anybody interested in giving it a go.

Changing the way we eat will change the world for the better and create a brighter future addressing; world hunger, water scarcity, deforestation, climate change, water pollution and many other escalating environmental disasters. Drop the quarter pounder and pick up a Portobello and Pecan Burger instead this World Meat Free Day!

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5 thoughts on “World Meat Free Day Today! Is meat production costing the earth?

  1. Bringing awareness to the meat production facts needs highlighting Lee..Especially the some of the appalling conditions some are raised in.. Now to go check out that Pecan Burger 🙂

    • Totally agree with this Sue. The message is certainly being spread, especially amongst younger people which makes me very hopeful. Shine on, lee

      • I recently re-read some wonderful Series of Books my Mary SummerRain.. ( that is where I took my namesake from one of her books ‘Dreamwalker’ And a wonderful Shaman called ‘No Eyes’ takes Summer on various Ethereal journey’s.. .. We have a long journey to make to realise our mistakes, but the wonderful prophecy ( Its a true record of actual events are the books ) is that somewhere way off into the future we All do not eat meat.. Now that is a great thought to hold and manifest 🙂 .. So yes very Hopeful.. 🙂

      • Have you seen the film the ‘Green Beautiful’. I think you will like it and its on youtube. There is a utopian society on another planet, they come to earth and see how we are behaving and freak out! The butcher scene is a hoot! Much of what we are doing now will seem odd in the future, even shocking, but that could be said of most periods of history I imagine. I’ll have a look into these books. Hope springs eternal!!!!!!!!!:)))))

      • Phoenix Rising I just re-read.. I bought them new in the 90’s.. and this book takes her to see the things which are happening as NOW..
        I was amazed when I re-read it.. and you probably could get a used copy on line at amazon.
        I will check out the film thank you.. I had not heard of it..

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