Veganz vs Meaties = A futile food fight with only one loser…..

This post is reacting to an article I just read in the Independent newspaper, its a year old, but still very relevant.

Dear Veganz and Meaties,

So it appears that Beyonce was never really a vegan anyway.  Maybe the fur coat gave it away.  This article below is interesting in many ways, but the comment board tells a tale of some seriously opposing views and general unpleasantness. The bare faced vitriol of it all!!!! People…….can we try and calm things down a little.  There may seem a huge chasm between the views of vegans and meat/ dairy eaters, but we can work this out.  With open minds and open hearts, nothing can stop us!  For meat eaters especially, I think this quote from Bertrand Russell puts a decent perspective on things:

“Conventional people are roused to fury by departure from convention, largely because they regard such departure as a criticism of themselves.”

What seems normal today, already looks out of date tomorrow.  Just look at our views on smoking in public places for example.

Vegans, be cool……. We claim to be all about compassion to all beings, well this goes for meat eaters too! Even if they toss verbal pork chops in our general direction.  Violent words are still violence and that’s not our gig.  Meat eaters hold all the cards, they are the future, they have the power and the numbers to make a huge difference (after all in Britain we are only 1% Vegan). Vegans have already got the message. Puzzling as it may seem, not everybody is concerned enough about the plight of the human race and the earth to make alterations to their lifestyles. But this leap forward in awareness is surely coming, there is too much information out there to be ignored by an educated and rational populous.

This massive shift in collective behaviour will be a long process, not an easy one, but a vital one. Societies views on animal products and animal rights must change to facilitate a more peaceful and healthy world. Life depends upon it. Lets not mess it up by being drawn into needless arguments and conflict. That’s the opposite of what we are aiming for. This is not a fight, but a mutual dawning. A new and rich seam of wisdom that can change the course of the human race. A bright new direction laced with some amazingly new and creative foods.

‘Veganism is not a sacrifice, its a joy’

Gary L. Francione

Meaties, please forgive us vegans for coming across in the wrong way sometimes. We are impassioned by the subject and to be a vegan is to be an activist and a target, whether you like it/ want it or not. We get it in the neck regularly and are faced with a lot of hostility and stereotypical banter just for choosing not to do what most other people do. We are not judging anyone for eating meat and dairy products, inside the vast majority of vegans is a former omnivore hidden behind a large lump of tofu. Maybe its a case of the ‘former smoker syndrome’, we just get a little carried away sometimes. The vast majority of people I meet in Britain nowadays care about their food choices and make conscious choices to not eat too much meat and source good quality animal products. This is at least a start (but ONLY a start………….what can I say, I’m a former smoker and stilton fiend!!!!!!).

I believe in this vegan ride. Veganism could and will change the world for the better, but only if we vegans start by setting a good example, not just on the plate, but by practicing what we preach. Forgive and move on. Face ignorance with tolerance and change things by changing ourselves fundamentally. Be the change and the folks will surely follow.

“First they ignore you, then they ridicule you, then they fight you, then you win.” Mahatma Gandhi

There is no quick fix here. There is no win. There is only constant change and therefore a constant need for evolution and reviewing opinions and behaviour. We are in a mess and only WE; together, united; can dig ourselves out of it. There is so much good that we can do everyday just by changing small details in out lives.  Small changes that can have massive and positive repercussions.

So then really, Veganz vs Meaties = A regrettable and futile food fight, with only one innocent loser, Mother Earth and the animals that dwell upon her.

Peace and Parsnips,


No meat, no dairy, no problem: is 2014 the year vegans become mainstream?

Independent – Jan 2014

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23 thoughts on “Veganz vs Meaties = A futile food fight with only one loser…..

  1. So well-spoken. I couldn’t agree more. Anytime I post about some case of animal abuse/exploitation I urge readers to not fight abuse with abuse and ignorance with ignorance. Nobody comes out victorious or meritable in that situation. Anyway, great post. Looking forward to reading more on your site.
    ~~~S Wave~~~

    • Great to hear, I know that these comment boards can just be one long trade off of insults, but it seems to be a decent measure of the distant between some vegans and meat eaters. I think vegans, standing fundamentally for non-violence and compassion, have a responsibility to behave in a certain way when debating with people of a differing opinion. If we are not peaceful and tolerant its hardly a good advertisement for the way of life! Thanks for stopping by the BHK. Peace and Pickles, lee

  2. John Bestille

    “There is only constant change and therefore a constant need for evolution and reviewing opinions and behaviour. ”

    This is key. Well done.

  3. I love this, especially “We are not judging anyone for eating meat and dairy products, inside the vast majority of vegans is a former omnivore hidden behind a large lump of tofu.”

    Although it is always hard when you are attacked first. I remember being in a high-end store with my sister and boyfriend because my sister was buying a new purse. My boyfriend and I (both vegans) were looking around the store and I began to get emotional about the leather I was seeing. I was talking hushed with my boyfriend when a woman near me, who was obviously listening in to our conversation, ask what I had just said. It was obviously an anti-leather statement, which I reiterated for her and she immediately went ballistic asking me why I would say such a think and why i was in the store. I kept my cool and was able to leave without saying anything but it is defiantly hard.

    • You are right, it is very, very hard, but so important. Well done! You showed great strength to not bite back. Non violence and empathy is the answer to a collective consciousness that is dragging us closer to the brink of annihilation. Some people may see being vegan as fad lifestyle, but it is a huge statement of positive intent and will make all the difference. Nothing is more central to culture than the way we eat, therefore choosing a non-violent approach to eating shifts things fundamentally. Not wearing leather just makes good sense, there are so many other options that look good and are more practical (have you ever worn a leather jacket in a storm!). Acting in a non-violent way softens our heart and allows us to be more compassionate and empathetic in life. This is massive! Killing ourselves in a cognitive decision, but killing the planet and every other living thing, just seems abhorrent to a person who cherishes their own life and others. Being a vegan is a contentious choice and goes against the grain of a society dominated by corporate interest/ propoganda (that includes the worlds governments and institutions of course, doctors are not nutritionists for a start…..). Eating meat and dairy casts a huge shadow over out societies conscience that until recently in history, has been ignored and repressed. This ignorance is one of the key reasons why we are experiencing such a dysfunctional and destructive approach to life on earth. Killing is wrong. War is wrong. But both are romanticized in our modern mindset. Killing because we like hamburgers is just plain madness! Sometimes making a stand for what is right doesn’t always fit in with being a model citizen and there is absolutely nothing wrong with that. Gandhi said “In the matters of conscience, the law of majority has no place.” Thanks for the comment, I realise you probably feel all of this already, but its good to get it out sometimes! Peace and Light, lee

  4. I live in “Meat Eating Central” here in rural Northern Tasmania. I tend not to even mention that I am vegan. I live my choices. If someone asks me why I am eating what I eat then I tell them. It is, after all, “My” choice to live life like this. I wouldn’t shove my religion, my predilection for a specific car, book, pair of underpants, down someone’s throats and I most certainly won’t be doing that with my veganism. I will, however, bring vegan cakes to college to share with people and when they tell me how delicious they are, I say “they are vegan you know…no eggs, no dairy, you really don’t need them do you?” I will bring veggies from my garden for my lecturer who is “on the Atkins diet because I can’t be doing without my meat”… and I will give people helpful advice if they ask for it. I think the imperative word here is “ask for it”. People know that we are going to have to make some changes. They get UBER angry because no-one likes to feel guilty about what they are doing and no-one likes to be forced into a corner about their choices and that’s what a lot of militant vegan’s are doing with their aggressive stance on their personal choice. Yes, we need to change, we need to eat less meat, we need to find alternatives that will fill the gap. Recently, I joined a Facebook page all about an amazing new egg replacer called “Aquafaba”. Turns out, chickpea water from a can, whips up just like egg white and you can make it into meringues. Another easy vegan fix for something we couldn’t have before. Slowly, slowly, catchy monkey. If we work together, we won’t fall apart.

    • Chickpea water like egg whites, this is amazing! Thinking about its texture, it is a little eggy. Thanks for the comment Fran, I’m with you in “Meat Eating Central” here in sunny Wales. I love the idea about sharing vegan cakes, cakes could be a powerful tool for changing the world for the better (although I am sure they already are!) There seems to be a subtle balance here between staying true to ethics and bending to the majority. Spreading a positive way of being without straying towards the preachers pulpit. Its a fine line, but shoving pants down peoples throats is just not on! You know alot better than I, but being a relatively new vegan, I’m still trying to find my feet in these shifting sands. It seems to me that aggression is normally met with equal or greater aggression, especially in there competitive times. Heres to open minds and open hearts leading the way forward. Peace and Pumpkins, lee

      • You are dead right about the aggression leading to equal and opposite aggression. Obviously physics is more broadly applicable than I first thought! ;).

      • I know, who knew? Something that we learnt in science at school actually applies to life!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (I did Biology by the way……………..)

      • I did biology and human biology but the “elite” sciences occasionally bombard me from the sidelines and I have been around long enough to know their names 😉

  5. Fantastic post! You are absolutely right. Thank you for this encouraging, rational, sensible approach – it’s the only way we’ll get there 🙂

    • Thank you Violet for the vibrant feedback. Wonderful to hear you share these views. Peace and Pickles, lee

      • It’s funny that you should write this today because I am currently agonising over a post for my vegan dictionary – a redefining of the word ‘inhuman’. I keep adjusting it and wondering if I’m going to offend and chase non-vegans away, but everything I’ve written is true and I don’t think it would be right to water it down. I’m not trying to attack anyone, though there may be some that take it that way. It’s a fine and delicate line we tread 🙂

      • It really is. But I think if something is true and conveyed in a heart felt way, you can do no more. Other peoples interpretations are just that! Veganism is a highly contentious issue because it challenges core values and reviews and exposes cultural norms that are not ethically sound. It’s a difficult process, but sometimes risking offence is the only way to get a honest message across. Good luck with the communication tight rope. There is definitely much’redefining’ to be done along the way. Bravo you!

      • Thanks Leroy, you are absolutely right! 😉

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  8. If you think you are in meat central you should try living in Lincolnshire, more specifically Boston. I am one of only 2 people who have tried to live a vegan life (that I know of) in a town of 60,000, largely pork eating folk. Between pressure from family members to ‘conform’ and the difficulty I find getting vegan products I have only recently re -adopted vegan eating again after a year or so of eating meat and dish. Eating out vegan is more or less impossible. Every village has a large scale chicken farm (I have three chicken farms and an intensive pig farm within a mile of my house). It is a beautiful county with masses of fresh produce and probably the lowest incidence of vegan residents. Any other vegans in Lincolnshire please get in touch.

    • I think there are many areas of the UK that are lacking vegans;) But things are changing fast and I think soon, you’ll find more vegan restaurant and cafes all over. Good luck with meeting other vegans, maybe try facebook groups?

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