Vegan-ity hits the UK!

I’m not a massive newspaper reader, but whilst visiting my sisters gaff in Whistable for some festive frivolity, I chanced upon a well known British broadsheet and dove in.  Surprisingly unearthing two separate articles about veganism, prompting me to believe the hype; vegan-ity is really hitting this little island cluster.

It’s been in the pipe line for a while, but now the celebs are on board and we all know what  that means…….  The first vegan supermarket is opening in 2015 and generally the tofu tide is shifting.  People are eating more plants which can only be a good thing.  I even learnt that Mike Tyson is a vegan, primarily due to the fact that Roman Gladiators ate a vegan diet.  Ferocious and animal friendly makes for an interesting combination.

Veganism is more than a passing dietary trend and I like to see it as a new type of food experience, like the recent trends for Southern Mediterranean cuisine or the rise of Peruvian nibbles, vegan food is just another wonderful way of treating food.  It doesn’t have to be drastic, pedantic or serious; it is fun, naturally healthy and easy to prepare and source.  Most people already eat alot of vegan food and don’t even know it!  Being a vegan normally means that you care about the welfare of animals, your personal health and that of the environment, but it can also just mean very interesting food prepared in creative ways.

Vegans make up less than 1% of the British population, but most folk are realising the benefits that vegan food can bring to any diet and going ‘plant-based’ for a meal/ day or week, can have a massive effect on health and well being.  It is surely the ultimate low bad fat/ cholesterol diet.

I’m thinking about starting a tofu helpline, aimed at spreading the good word of curd and offering survival tips to first time tofu tamperers (in a word, MARINADE, the rest is easy, quick and delicious).  This may ease the integration slightly.

Veganism has been around since 1944, or the moniker has at least.  The movement was started by a chap named Donald Watson who set up the British Vegan Society.  Only recently has the name be officially recognised.  Vegan-ity now has legal status in the UK.  Its taking root and establishing credibility.

Vegans no longer necessarily worship mung beans and wear scratchy kaftan’s as standard (although that is very cool by me!!!).  I hope the vegan diet is shedding these dodgy, out dated, misconceptions; with more focus being placed on the benefits of the diet and the glorious flavour’s of the food.  Badly cooked vegan food, prepared without passion or knowledge is just like any other badly cooked food, prepared without passion or knowledge.  Pants!  Once the good word of V spreads, the general standards will improve, just like vegetarianism in recent times.   Great food is simply great food.

Tastes change and veganism uses flavours and textures in new and inspirational ways.  Proper cooks love a new challenge and I imagine veganism as that new challenge.  I see vegan food as something vital and fresh, ever changing and evolving.  Food for us all to enjoy.

We are just about to leave for our Delhi bound flight, wishing you all a brilliant start to the new yearX  The Beach House Kitchen is on the road until April…..expect a few holiday snaps soonX

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11 thoughts on “Vegan-ity hits the UK!

  1. Have a wonderful time in Delhi how wonderful for the New Year, and a tofu help-line sounds a great idea… People are becoming aware and we may be all Vegan before long…

    Happy New year to you Both

    • Thank you Sue, Delhi is full of chaos and wonder. Loving every minutes so far. We’re heading up to the hills very shortly for some yoga and Ganges swimming. Have magic times, lee and janex

  2. Cant wait to see some scrumptious Indian recipe shares when you guys get back (sans Delhi belly I hope). Veganism actually started in the U.K. I dare say most Americans wouldn’t know that :). Glad to see it is spreading and growing and people are at least becoming more aware of their food choices and their place on the planet. Again, have a ball in India guys 🙂

    • Hello Lovelies, We’ll be having a thali on you guys! Hope the garden is blooming and the dogs are behaving. Peace and Happiness, lee and janexxxxxx

      • The garden is going feral and loves the new fully enclosed conditions so much it seems to think it is growing in the tropics! Everything is growing exponentially and unmolested and it promises to be a huge and most delicious harvest :). The dogs are behaving even though we are painting the deck and the house is a shambled…Earl has taken to making his presence felt by eating random small things. Yesterday it was a pair of socks and a ball point pen…I adore Indian food. When I first went vegan about 19 years ago I stuck, like glue, to Indian and Asian food for the first few years. It saw me through till I got brave and adventurous and is still my favourite cuisine :). Have a ball in India guys, I hope you have some awesome and most brilliant adventures 🙂

  3. I’ve been vegan for 25 years and consider it one of the best decisions of my life (my doctor agrees).

    Here’s a video to help everyone understand why so many people are making this life affirming choice and why the number of vegans has doubled in the US in less than 3 years.:

    Also, here’s a link for everyone who wants to join the revolution: 21-Day Vegan Kickstart

    • Thanks for the info jc, its brilliant to see veganism taking roots finally and growing in popularity. I think its a positive thing for all. Have great times, lee

  4. A Delhi? wow! qué guay!!!
    A la vuelta pasaros por Isla Plana, aquí teneis vuestra casa.
    Un abrazote gigante para los dos.

    • Gracias Chica! Estamos sobre la playa, con coco’s y muchos monos! La vida es muy tranquillo aqui y India es como un sueno para viajar. Viva Isla Plana! Vamos a regresar este ano. Abrazos y mucho paz, lee y janeX

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