Autumn Photo Scrapbook – Garden, Flowers and Buster


On the funghi hunt, lost and wandering up the Nantlle Valley, we’ve had magic weather even in October.


Pleasant views abound – from the Nantlle Ridge (behind our back garden)


The man with a sock on his head – harvesting our potato crop. Smaller potatoes this year but more of them.


Busters fancies a hike too……lovely little punk!


A small tree in our garden suddenly started to sprout apples. It’s an apple tree!!!!! Wahee. Lucky us, this is part of the windfall apple bonanza.


We’ve had so much sun this year even the sunflowers had a growth spurt.


Part of our winter preparations, HEAT! Scavenged logs meet Mr Chainsaw = cosy nights by the fire. Time consuming, but free.


We’ve had some gorgeous beetroots this year, three varities and all of them awesome and sweet.

Our local waterfall where we sit sometimes and watch water fall.

Our local waterfall where we sit sometimes and watch water fall.  Then POW tofu inspiration strikes!


A Great Beach House Bake Off!


Love CoconutsX


Your Gracious HostsXXXXXXXXX  At Jane’s parents gaff

So the clocks have changed and we’re plunged into darkness for another year, still, plenty of swedes and parsnips to look forward to.


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16 thoughts on “Autumn Photo Scrapbook – Garden, Flowers and Buster

  1. Oh gosh! I want to be at the bread bake-off!

  2. This is a lush photo scrapbook.Apples , Beetroots and a bake off are better in the dark winter days. You two are great! ❤

    • Thank you dear Ive, shine on this winter (we’re off to Spain again!!!!! We’re getting soft in our old age) Have magic times over the waters (loving your videos by the way, awesome energy). Peace and Light, lee and janex

  3. You guys are just finishing up in your garden and we are maniacally attempting to get ours up and producing. Love that last image of you mad pair of vegan fools and buster is truly a punk cat extrordinaire…gorgeous bread and beetroots and love seeing anything rural in Wales, one of the most beautiful places you could wake up and find yourself on earth. Kudos on the wood and all that hard work certainly makes you appreciate your evening meal, that beverage of choice you take on your break and your sleep that night doesn’t it? 😉

    • Dear Tazzers, how exciting, your year is turning green as ours is turning black (dark at 330pm today!) Still, we are part-time Britishers and are heading to Spain in a couple of weeks for some winter sun and possibly a wee dram of sangria. We should feel guilty, but we don’t!!!! Wales is a wonderful part of the world, when are you visiting? We’ll have warm beetroot pie waiting for you. Happy sowing and bags of love, lee and janex and busterx

  4. Awesome photos! Looove that waterfall, so gorgeous- suitable for a paddle/cold water plunge??

    • Why yes dear strawberry! We call it a ‘plodge’, rolling your trousers up to the knee and wandering around in the water as your feet turn blue and icy! Its refreshing for sure. So glad you liked the pics. Happy days, lee and janexxxxxx

  5. I love shooting Autumn colours at the end of the day just before sunset when the light is golden. This accentuates the reds and golds even more than normal.

    Image source

    • Very true, we don’t know much about photography, but due to this blog, are trying to get our pictures up to scratch. Thanks for the comments.

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