Gertrude’s Chocolate Cake filled with Dark Cherry Jam

Gertrude's Chocolate Cake filled with Dark Cherry Jam

Gertrude’s Chocolate Cake filled with Dark Cherry Jam

A quick one here that goes out to the Tasmania crew, Fran and Steve of The Road to Serendipity fame.  Fran has requested Gertrude’s (Jane’s Nan) recipe ever since seeing it on a previous post.  Well Fran, here it is, better late than later.  Soz…….

Just to rave about Fran and Steve for a moment, their blog is a massive slice of living off grid (with two cool dogs Bezial and the mighty Earl and bags of awesome looking food, nature, ideas, good livin’, love and plenty of peaceful vibrations).  They really are shining examples of living close to nature and Tasmania looks incredibly beautiful judging by their photos.  There can be few more dedicated and prolific bloggers than our Fran and we always appreciate her enthused feedback.  It is people like Fran who keep this little old blog rocking!  Cheers guys for your constant stream of inspiration and kindness.  You make the blog world a brighter place to be.

This recipe is taken from a scrap of paper written by Gertrude, who is no longer with us.  Gertrude lived to the ripe old age of 96 and dictated this recipe as Jane made it and Keith (Jane’s Dad) scribbled it all down word for word, quaint little sayings and all.  Goodness knows how many times this cake was made, Jane was brought up on it.  All of this means that this is a recipe we hold very dear and even closer to our hearts.  It also makes a lovely light chocolate cake and is ever so easy to make.

This will make one small sandwich cake, double the mix for a big ‘un.

The Bits

4oz margarine (good stuff), 4oz caster sugar, 1/2 teas vanilla essence, 2 eggs (beaten), 4 oz self raising flour (sieved), 1 heaped tbs cocoa (sieved), pinch salt, 1 teas milk (if needed)

Do It

Preheat oven to 190oC (360F)

In a mixing bowl, paste the margarine and caster sugar together with a wooden spoon.

Slowly add the eggs to the paste, stirring nicely.

Gently add the the flour and cocoa, fold into mix.

Add salt and milk if mixture is too dry, should be thick batter texture (that plops off a spoon).

Pour into two small round baking tins (6 inch) with marg rubbed on sides and bottom.  Use baking parchment if you don’t trust the non-stickness of your tin.

Clean out bowl with finger, give to Jane.

Get Nan to smooth it over.

Slam tins on table twice each.

Place in oven, 2/3 the way up.

Check in 1/4 hour with a wooden chopstick or skewer.  It should be clean when retracted.


We filled our with a fine dark cherry jam and grated dark chocolate on top. Although I hear Gertrude was quite partial to a little butter icing.

We Love It!

‘Cause Gertrude made it.

Foodie Fact

Eating cake makes you happy.


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16 thoughts on “Gertrude’s Chocolate Cake filled with Dark Cherry Jam

  1. Oh, this sounds wonderful.

  2. Now That’s a cake!!! 🙂

  3. Heidie Makes


  4. That looks positively delicious!

  5. Aside from basking in the blog love (which I so TOTALLY am!) I am twitching with excitement about this recipe. The recipe is a sterling oldie and obviously perfect in every way (I am going to call it “Gertrude’s Mary Poppins Cake” for that reason) but the true love here is that it was shared through the ages and now you are sharing it through the ether. Gertrude’s cake travelled (probably) further than Gertrude did all the way around the world to your various blog followers and her baked love is going to touch us all. A warm slice of cake and a hot mug of tea is going to fortify Steve (just the tea for this vegan but hey…I get to bake the love so I still win!) and I when we cut up a massive great tree that fell over our driveway yesterday morning and that has us trapped on Serendipity Farm as I type this till we haul ass and get it out of there. The blog love is mutual. We LOVE this gorgeous little space of yours and lust after your adventurous spirits. The most adventurous Steve and I got was actually meeting each other (after a year of online chatting) and look what happened then! We are too scared to get “adventurous” again! ;). Thankyou beyond thanks for Gertrude’s cake. It will be treasured, baked a multitude of times and handed down on brown greasy paper to my two daughters and my soon to be daughter in law to be treasured, baked and loved again and again and again. Gertrude lives on in her chocolate cake. What more can we hope for in this life than to leave a legacy of love that makes people want more and that satisfies something primally deep inside us that can’t be explained or described…real true love :).

    • Dear Ones, Jane and I are sat around the kitchen table with mugs of tea (no cake) deeply touched by your wonderful words. Gertrude truly lives on in her cake recipe and Im sure she would have liked it that way. Much Peace and Love from the Beach House, Lee and Janexxxx PS – You guys are seriously adventurous, you are an inspiration pure and simply in the way you live and are and your blog is a beautiful depiction of that.

      • Thank you both, you make us blush :). Today we have to get out into the garden in our wellies and cut up a huge tree that has blocked the driveway and take natures bounty and make it ours. Fresh air, sunshine (it has stopped raining finally), healthy and hearty exercise and free resources that we would have had to find elsewhere if this fortuitous event hadn’t happened and suddenly you can turn something negative into a positive. Have a great day yourselves and your blog does the very same thing for you both, it reflects your ethos and your passion for life most beautifully 🙂

  6. I am all for cleaning out the bowl with fingers! a job I reserve especially for my Granddaughter 🙂
    I have to try this one 🙂

  7. LadyBlueRose's Thoughts Into Words

    I’m with Sue !
    this sounds wonderfully sinful and satisfying !
    I will have to bake it this weekend!
    Thank you for sharing…
    Take Care…You Matter…

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