Nakd Bars (Raw)

Nakd Bars

My first look at a Nakd bar read:

Nature is nice

Want to look better, feel better and help the world? Replace over-processed foods with nourishing wholefoods and get ready to be happy. This satisfying slice of goodness is a great place to start. Hope you love it as much as we do! Nature is nice.

That was just the wrapper! I was sold. It didn’t matter what they tasted like, I loved the whole ethos behind these raw fruit and nut bars.  They come in an awesome range of flavours, like cocoa orange (our favourite), ginger bread (lee’s favourite), cocoa delight (jane’s favourite), cashew cookie (just plain lovely) and pecan pie (rather nice also).

Nakd bars are a lovely raw nutritious treat that we’d like to champion a little.  These goodies are simply made by mooshing nuts and fruit together.  The bars are chewy and crumbly and the cocoa flavours are intesly chocolaty.

Nakd are a great success story and are now in many supermarkets and high streets around the UK.  What an excellent option to other processed sweets.   Nakd bars contain no hidden nasties and are packed with nutrients.  They are vegan, wheat and gluten free, there is very little reason to not munch on one.  They even have the new ‘Nakd Oatie’ range which are all under 100 calories per bar, perfect nibbles to compliment a bikini body.

We can be outdoors types when the mood (and weather) takes us, Nakd bars are the perfect treat to have packed in your bag.  They are full of energy and are nice and little.  It seems they are becoming a favourite with many endurance athletes, who push the human body to the extremes.  Extreme challenges need extreme fuel and that’s what Nak’d bars give your body.  They are super charged and super tasty!

Get Nakd!

You’ll find all Nak’d things HERE.

The Beach House Nakd pot

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12 thoughts on “Nakd Bars (Raw)

  1. Now, I would love to keep a few stowed in my bag for those times of need! Definitely will hunt these down…the Lara vegan bars have been my go-to…

    • Somer

      I was gonna say that it sounds just like a larabar. I used to have a larabar addiction that was breaking the bank. Now I make my own 🙂

      • They are quite easy to make, but when you’re out and about, great to just grab and munch. The ginger bread bar is something I will be making soon. Date, almonds, and spices. Nice and easy and so tasty. Have great times over there Somer. Happiness, lee

      • I’d agree. I bought larabars again this week. Sometimes convenience trumps homemade, especially when convenience is as good as homemade in this case!

      • We do both, but there is a brand in the UK called 9 bar that is hard to replicate. Those bars are amazing and perfect fuel for a long hike (or movie!) Have great times Somer, lee

      • Yeah, I could have used one of those on a 3 hour hike last week! I bonked….!

        Thanks Lee!

  2. I ate so many of those bars when i lived in Ireland! I miss them! Especially the Cashew Cookie and Pecan Pie ones.

  3. thevegangreen

    These are great – I have a few in the cupboard!!! Good to have a healthy treat to hand!

    • They are very nice and we are beginning to experiment with the homemade variety too. Watch this beach space. Happy daysX

  4. Dina

    I started giving honeygar to my dog as her arthritis medicine was having side effects – making her constipated etc. I give her honeygar instead and it’s really working. Sje’s bouncing around like a puppy – she’s eighteen. People in the park where I walk her are asking is that the same dog!

  5. Dina

    P.S. I mix one teaspoon of honey with one teaspoon of cider vinegar and she licks it off the spoon

  6. Gemma

    I love the nakd bars however I notice on the nutritional value information that the ginger bread bar has 6g more fat than the chocolate crunch bar? The ingredients are so similar that I am surprised at this. Can anyone explain why there would be 6g of fat in the difference ie 5g in the chocolate crunch bar and 11g in the ginger bread bar. Both have 1g of saturdated fat so I am wondering is this incorrect information?

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