Denise lets me help out with her brilliant supper club evenings in a nearby village in Wales. I have been helping Denise (a winner of the ‘Britains Best Dish’ programme and all around super cook) with a couple of catering jobs and loved every minute of it (even the washing up!).
Denise lives and breathes food and her enthusiasm for the finest local produce and general passion for cooking is an inspiration.
This salad was made on an evening for the Moel Faban Supper Club. It was a real learning experience, seeing how a well ran supper club works. What a great idea, opening your dining room up as a private restaurant. Every cooks dream! Your food, your environment, without the massive project of opening up a restaurant. You have complete control and from what I can see, the diners love it.
All food that Denise touches is sprinkled with deliciousness, I learn so much from loitering around her kitchen and making the occasional salad!
Thanks to Denise for sharing this recipe and introducing me to many new food influences from North Wales and beyond…….

Moel Faban Suppers

This salad is a variation on a recipe sent to me by Lee from The Beach House Kitchen. He helped us out at supper club the other weekend and since he’d spent a time living in Spain, I thought I’d ask him to create a traditional type of salad to go with the rich meaty main course for our Spanish themed evening.

He did a bit of research and came up with this. A riot of colours and flavours it complimented the pork and bean Fabada Asturiana perfectly, the citrus, garlic and herb elements cutting through the deep earthy flavour of the stew and refreshing the palate before dessert.

Lee’s salad made with wild garlic for the first supper club

First time round we substituted wild garlic for mixed leaves as it was still running riot in our garden. On Saturday we went for early lettuce (which is just…

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