‘The Dirty Dozen’ – The 12 worst foods to buy non-organic

Organic produce

I find it quite alarming that most fruits and vegetables grown that are not classed organic are covered with all sorts of chemicals which are of detriment to our health.  With long term exposure to such chemicals, namely pesticides, we can develop serious illness.  They cannot be washed off or peeled away, they absorb into the fruits and veg and then into our bodies.  The elderly and young are most effected by this.

I realise we cannot all be super healthy, uber organic munching beings.  We normally lead hard lives in a difficult situations and mostly live in very polluted cultures/societies, this relates to physical pollution (the air we breath, what we choose to eat and drink….) and also the mental pollution that we tolerate and consume via the media and skewed social norms that do not promote health, love and vitality.  Many of these social norms seem to be leading us away from happiness and our connection with nature and each other.

A few people have mentioned to me that man only developed into a sophisticated being (that’s what we are!?!) when he began cooking and eating meat in prehistory.  So why revert to a plant based diet?  I believe we have come a long way since then!!!!  We certainly have more choices than a caveman would, more science at our disposal and a better understanding of nutrition.  What we eat affects our entire being, it is not just fuel for the body to feed of, it can be an inspiration experience, a opportunity to be creative.  Food, and the enjoyment of it, is a life long passion that can brighten every day.  Eating food that is made with love is a huge step towards a healthy existence, this food must also be grown with care and love.

We will all get ill at some stage of life, this is for certain.  The choices that Jane and I are making now are not only based on a more vibrant lifestyle and a greater sense of vitality, but on putting a few extra miles on the clock.  Giving ourselves a better chance of enjoying our later years and experimenting with our bodies whilst we are young and in our prime(ish).

I may sound like a broken record here, but it is VERY important.  We are what we eat…….   Industrialised farming techniques and major pesticide corporations are definitely not your friend.  Moving to a vegetarian diet is a step in the right direction for the environment (plant based foods, on average, us five times less land and generate ten times less CO2 emissions than animal based foods).  It can also be a great choice healthwise.

The next major step that we face is trying to control our own food supply.  If we can take control of the food we buy and educate ourselves about how it is produced, we begin to change the way that we eat and view food in general.  We make a statement to the food producers that we will not tolerate substandard food that harms us and has little or no nutritional value or flavour.

Seasonal, organic produce has a greater concentration of nutrients, meaning less is more!  You only need a smaller portion and your body is satisfied.  Non-organically produce foods can have as much as 50% less vitamins and minerals present as organically grown ones.

If we accept rubbish produce, they will keep feeding us rubbish produce.  If we demand better, we will inevitably get better.  This is the wonderful power that us modern day consumers have.  Demand the best for yourself and the planet.  Most people take better care of their cars than their bodies!  Give yourself the best fuel possible and you will run on and on and……………

The way that we spend and direct out pounds/dollars/yen/rupees makes all the difference.  It is one of our greatest methods of influencing our societies which are increasingly controlled by large, profit hungry corporations/governments (the difference has become negligible).

This post is not designed to put anyone off eating vegetables and fruit!  It is a platform for information, produced by an independent research body, that will assist you in making an informed choice the next time you hit the market or shop.

I found the below information useful when trying to balance the cost of shopping organic with the potential moral and health factors of not buying certain organic produce.  The truth is, in our location, we cannot always buy organic, it is too costly and sometimes unavailable.  We don’t worry about some non-organic produce slipping onto our plate, life’s to short!  But we much prefer the ‘good stuff’, mainly due to the ethics of the people who decide to produce organically.  They are our kind of folk.

Below is a list of produce that you should try to buy organically, due to the high levels of pesticides used to grow them by non-organic means:


Apples, cherries, grapes, nectarines, peaches, pears, strawberries


Bell peppers, carrots, celery, lettuce, all root vegetables.

And here are some foods with lower amounts of pesticides:


Avocado, kiwi, mango, tomato, papaya, pineapple, watermelon


Asparagus, broccoli, corn, cabbage, aubergine, onion, sweet peas.

(Taken from the raw food book ‘Live Raw’ by Mimi Kirk)

I genuinely believe a good diet is one of the primary steps to making the world a better place to be and buying organic (or demanding organic!) is a choice well worth making.

Wishing long and healthy lives for you allXXXXX

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21 thoughts on “‘The Dirty Dozen’ – The 12 worst foods to buy non-organic

  1. Somer

    Preaching to the choir! Love this post!

    • Thanks Somer, your words and energy is always greatly appreciated in the Beach House. Love and Happiness across the ocean……lee

  2. simplesustenance

    Well written post! Availability and affordability is definitely is an issue for organic food.

    • Very true, unless you live in a city or are lucky, buying organic must be planned and pennies saved. It is well worth the extra effort of course, but there is no reason why organic food should cost premium prices. It seems to go against the whole ‘organic’ way of being. I like trade, 2 bags of potatoes for 1 bag of beetroots. Thats my idea of an economy! Thanks for stopping by. Peace and light, lee.

      • simplesustenance

        Like your trading idea only if we had that kind of simple life in today’s modern world.
        Thanks for re blogging my last post.

      • Its a real pleasure

  3. Thanks for the encouraging word Lee. Just recently I decided to make a renewed effort here in Chiang Mai to buy organic fruits and veggies. I love all the local markets and have been doing quite a bit of cooking at home lately. But when I think about all the potential chemicals I’m ingesting… ughh… I’m gonna put some extra effort and money into getting myself to the organic markets around here! (and there are a few!)

    • Hello Abigail, it is tough in Asia to know what is going on. It is such good news that there are some organic markets. I know there are a few around Pai, you may need to get on your moped. Happy days and sun beams to you, leeX

  4. Brilliant post! I was speaking to someone awhile ago who works in food produce (not sure what her exact job was) but she said she simply will not eat non organic apples because they are so dense with chemicals. Apparently you would have to wash it 126 times to get started on washing it off!!
    Needless to say I decided apples will be my main organic purchase along with bread and when I went to Tesco yesterday (not my usual shopping spot but only one in walking distance and didnt have my car) they did not have one organic apple on offer!!
    Thanks for sharing your views on it, interesting to see the lists of good and bad veg!

    • Thank you sweet hot pot. This is so true, many of our local shops do not offer organic produce and they are large branded type places. We are looking into getting veg boxes etc delivered on a weekly basis, but nobody can make it all the way up this hill!!!! We shall prevail! Have a beauty day, lee

  5. elle

    wow, awesome info and very inspiring!

  6. Reblogged this on Beverly Hills Farms and commented:
    Great info from a site worth poking around…

  7. Ugh WHY???? It sometimes seems like you can’t win. Can organic be genetically modified…that is my latest concern. Thanks for the info. Love your blog.

    • It is a concern, I think the only answer is to grow your own and eat all food in good spirits. Buy local, buy organic and be aware of how our food is produced (and by whom!) I think more people are waking up to this, I hope we can spread the good word. Great to have you here, lee and janex

  8. Terrific post and good tips on what to buy organic. I especially like that you don’t expect anyone (including yourselves) to be “perfect” in the choices they make. Make it easier to enjoy your blog than one with a more militant approach. Thanks!

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