Raw Chocolate and Black Olive Torte

Raw Chocolate and Black Olive Torte

Now this one really blew us away.  An unusual sounding combo that works out in the most fantastic way.  The dark and rich cacao blends perfectly with the fruity flavour of the olive; which of course adds a beautiful, pureed texture.  This torte is moist and decadent and will convince any raw food sceptic, that raw food is not just about carrot sticks!  You can most definitely indulge.

One of the most surprising aspects of raw food has been the desserts.  They are a real knockout!  So full of goodness, you need to eat them in moderation.  The usual base ingredients of nuts and dried fruits means that  they are high in fats and sugars, but remember, they are all good fats and sugars.  Non of that processed and refined rubbish that is alien to our bodies.  These desserts are very, very good sources of energy.

The preparation of this torte is simple, but does take a little time.  We love using fresh coconut, but it can be a job getting into one (see the recent ‘How to dispatch a coconut’ post).  Once the coconut is sorted out, the rest is just an easy exercise in blending and enjoyment.

Psyllium husks are not your average larder stock, you may need to visit your local health food store.  They do make the whole mix set well.  I am sure it will be delicious without them, just a little soft around the edges.

This torte keeps well, even the banana in the crust seems to keep its colour and flavour.  We took it down to Pembrokeshire on tour and enjoyed slices of it whilst sheltering from the wind in our little orange tent.  These raw desserts are hardy.

This recipe comes from the brilliant ‘Eat Smart, Eat Raw‘ book by Kate Wood.   The recipe makes around 12 servings.

The Bits

Base – 200g fresh coconut, 125g ground cashews, 1 banana

Filling – 300g plain black olives (drained and pitted), 450g dates, 30g carob powder (or cacao powder), 1 tbsp grain/ instant coffee, 1 tbsp ground cinnamon, 1 tbsp vanilla extract, 180ml water, 2 tbsp powdered psyllium husks.

Do It

Base – chop coconut in a food processor, add the ground cashews and process both until well mixed, put the banana in a chunk at a time until it binds together nicely (you may not need the whole banana).  Line the mix in a cake tin (around 9in).

Filling –  break down the olives in the food processor, add the dates and process until a paste is formed.  Then add the carob, grain coffee, cinnamon and vanilla and blend again.  Keep it running and add the water gradually, finally add the psyllium and after a minute turn off and immediately spoon onto the base before the psyllium starts to set.  Spread out evenly and leave in the fridge to firm for a few hours.

We Love It!

Yet another gourmet raw dessert.  At this rate we will be gaining weight on this raw diet (with big chocolaty grins on our faces).

Foodie Fact

Psyllium husks are portions of the seed of a plant.  They are mucilaginous, which basically means that  they thicken things up.  They are great for the colon and better blood circulation.  They can be used in vegan baking and help to bind mixtures together.   These husks are also used in a popular detox drink that involves clay, Bentonite clay that is volcanic and has many detoxing properties.

Raw Chocolate and Black Olive Torte

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16 thoughts on “Raw Chocolate and Black Olive Torte

  1. wow crazy! I would have never thought to put black olives in a raw dessert! I bet the coffee makes a huge difference.

    • The coffee does make a difference, espcially when balanced with the chocolate and vanilla. I would advise a little taste test before you add the psyllium. It is a cracker, I hope you get the chance to taste it. Have good times.

  2. Wow, this sounds incredibly insane! My hubby is a sucker for crazy combos, so I will definitely give this a go.

    • Its sounds insane, but is you really think about it, black olives have quite a neutral flavour. I just love the texture they give. Happy blending, lee

  3. wow….. that looks pretty amazing. that dark chocolate looks so rich. and with the tropical flavors and the coffee flavor… oh man… i don’t know what else to say!

  4. What a creative way to harmonize two wonderful foods the cacao bean and olives. The photos are epic.

    • Im really happy you like the look of it. The best part is, it tastes better than the photos! Great to have you here, lee

  5. Wow–what an unlikely duet!! I just HAVE to try this–I am very curious!! Keep up the creative not-cooking!!

  6. That combo is so completely random but I can’t wait to try it!

  7. This looks really interesting, I cant imagine the flavours so am just going to have to try it 🙂 Glad to see your Raw June went so well! I’ve been away most of june so am just reading it all now. Very inspiring and definitely makes me want to incorporate more raw into my diet, like more raw lunches and snacks!

    • Apparently, if you eat only 50% raw food, it has a pronounced effect on your wellbeing etc… More rawness is a good thing. We enjoyed it so much, we cant stop! We aren’t planning on cooking anytime soon, but I’m sure a bean stew is on the cards. Peace, lee

  8. Suzanne

    For someone from UK .. what is “grain coffee” ? Instant coffee granules ? Fresh ground coffee grains (dry) ? Fresh (made with real coffee grains/ground beans) liquid coffee ?
    Thank you !!

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