Bridie’s Kumara and Beetroot Salad with Spinach Fondue

This is a really special little number, inspired by the sweetest of girls, Kiwi Bridie. Kiwi Bridie is my pal John’s lovely girlfriend, we used to have many parties in our shared house, where food was a decent distraction from the ‘grog’.

Bridie’s salad of Kumara (sweet potato in N.Z.) and beetroot, with chunks of feta was universally wolfed down and regaled. I certainly will never forget it.  It’s also quick and easy.

We ate ours as a starter in ramekins and I’ve added a bit of a spinach fondue to the top. Just to jazz it up a bit.  I used Cambazola (cheddar would be good), I thought creaminess would go nicely with the sweetness of the dish.

This should be enough for two people:

The Bits

3 sweet potatoes, 1 large beetroot, 2 cloves of garlic (chopped), 1 decent chunk of Cambazola, 1 small orange, splash of Balsamic Vinegar, several glugs of olive oil, 1 teas sage, 1/2 teas smoked paprika, four large handfuls of spinach.

Do It

In a heavy bottomed pan, glug of oil, roast off your sweet potatoes over high-ish heat for a couple of minutes, then add beetroots, season.  Get nice and roasted.  Take the zest off the orange (using a peeler is the easiest way), chop finely and add, squeeze in orange juice, 3 tbs Balsamic, paprika  and sage.  Heat for another couple of minutes, pots and beets should be nice and soft and coloured, add another splash of oil (to give a nice shine to the salad) stir and leave covered on a low heat.

In another warm pan, a little olive oil then your chopped garlic, after a couple of minutes of gentle heat, add cheese (as much, or as little, as you like) then spinach, season and leave on a low heat until spinach is wilted, if you have some open, add a small splash of white wine before the cheese.

Grab a couple of warm ramekins or small bowls, spoon in the hot salad until almost full, then add a few slices of cheese and top with your spinach fondue.


With a nice salad.  We had mixed leaves with some sliced olives and an orange vinaigrette (olive oil, orange juice, little white wine vinegar, season).

We Love It

It turns out that this dish has most of Jane’s favourite ingredients in.  The melted Cambazola runs down through this sweet, colourful salad.  Making it all gloriously cheesy.

Foodie Fact

Cambazola cheese is a mixture of Italian Gorgonzola and French cream cheese.


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