Sweet Cashew Nut Butter

This is another Mum special.

I love nut butter.  It’s a delicious and easy.  Dairy free and as good as cream or butter, but much, much healthier. You can follow this recipes with peanuts and almonds.  Any other nuts?  Probably (let us know).

Organic cashews are already nice and sweet, you may exclude the honey unless you are a real sweetie.

The Bits

1 cup of cashews, 1/2 cup of honey, 1/4 cup of honey

Do It

Blend all ingredients until smooth.  Store in a sealable container, will keep nicely for a week.


Spread on toast, added to cereal or even added to tea!  I like to use nut butters to add a little extra to sauces, roasted veggies or soups.

We Love It

Any recipe with three ingredients (one being water) is fine by me.  Its a great little tub to have in the fridge, adding a bit of richness and luxury to vegan foods.

Foodie Fact

Cashews are rich in healthy monounsaturate fats, that help to keep the heart and blood vessels healthy.  They are also rich in energy, antioxidants, minerals (zinc, copper, selenium) and vitamins (vitamin B-5 and 6, riboflavin, thiamine).  They are high in calories and health promoting phyto-chemicals.

Cashews are surprisingly from the same family as the mango.  When eating nuts, I often think how precious they are.  One whole fruit from the cashew tree only produces a single nut.

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