Photo Scrapbook

The Beach House sits on Tiger Hill

‘Big Red’.  Essential.

The Windowsill Flower Display

Basil!  Basil!! Basil!!!

Jane and I working outside

The Oat Cake Tin

Nan’s egg cup

Buster smells cooking

Beans and bobs

Jane on the beach

More eggcup love

Bit of Kale

Return of the B-Movie Beetroot

Herb garden


The Watering Can

Above Pen-y-pas

Jane on her bike

Fox on the mug

Local orange freaks

Apple juice made by local kids

The Snowdon Horse Shoe on a clear day

Heart of the ‘root

Jane on Angelsey

Our sprouts

Mornin’ Juicin’

Beach House Art

Spud patch

Up at the stone circle, overlooking the Nantlle Valley.



3 thoughts on “Photo Scrapbook

  1. Nice photos! Cheers!

  2. City girl went out into the country this morning…if just for a few moments…lovely, lovely place. Glorious photos. Thanks.

    • You are welcome anytime out here in the wilds. I can assure you, its not all sunshine and mountains (more grey clouds and high winds at the moment!). It is a beautiful area. Have a wonderful day, lee

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