Lee and Jane?X



Jane and I on the beach today, enjoying the a little bit of sun (too rare).

Us.  Enjoying the Welsh sun on Aberdesach Beach, Anglesey.





We are the B.H.K.xxxxxxxxx

We met on Bohol island, in the Philippines last year.   Jane had panda bear eyes and I made a fruit salad.  The rest is………this.


We are now living happy days together in the Beach House, near Caernarfon, rural North Wales.


I started off in horrible chain hotels, my love for food and wine naturally drew me to the restaurant side of things.  I managed fine dining places, classic French etc and was not feeling the love.  The food was fiddly and generally tepid.  I then had a food epiphany in Mexico, a street taco made with as much precision and skill as any ‘fancy dan’ chef type.  It not only tasted amazing, but had the missing ingredient, it was cooked from the heart.  Made with passion.  That was it, I would never return to those neon lit kitchens and starched white table cloths of old.  I have been on my own personal food odyssey ever since.

I moved to London for a while and worked for Leon (http://www.leonrestaurants.co.uk/) which was alot of fun and then helped to set up a raw food company named ‘RAW’, which unfortunately fell foul of the ‘financial crisis’.  So I quit these debt infested grey shores and went to the Costa Calida in Spain to help build a restaurant on a beach (using the shell of an ancient stable). Surprisingly its still there, Antipodas Taverna in La Azhoia, on of my favourite spots in the world for a G and T at sunset.

These are the big seeds that grew into the B.H.K……


On top of Mount Snowdon, just behind the Beach House.

I haven’t been in Wales for long, finding my feet and trying to learn the lingo.  I work a little in restaurants and odd jobs, generally earning a small crust.  Much more importantly, I thought it would be great to get in touch with like minded people via a blog about fine vegetarian food and sustainable living.  What I would call ‘the good life!’ (alarmingly similar to the 70’s programme of the same name).  I will share the little that I know and hopefully make a load of new friends along the way (that’s YOU).

Apart from food, I love to travel and have seen much of the world and its lovely people.  Some of my favourite travel spots are India (insanity and yoga), Zimbabwe (safari and soul), Mexico (tequila and dancing), Wales (landscape and love), Laos (smiles and emptiness), Morocco (souks and song), Spain (barns and manana) and Guatemala (temples and tamales).  My travels have enriched and influenced my views on life, the world and everything…..

I spend alot of time writing poetry, reading books, doing yoga and playing our selection of guitars.  My fingers are also growing increasingly green.

I get excited about good spices, coffee, the ocean, wine and of course Sunderland AFC.

I am now a full time vegan and very happy about this…….

Jane apres Guiness

Jane after surf and Guiness


My sweet love is a real shining star.  Jane is always smiling and giving me sparkling energy.  She is a whizz at salads and smoothies and knows much about nutrition, gardening and building.

Jane works for a international business that organises various retreats and can be occasionally found swinging from bridges (examining them in a structural assessor kind of way).  Jane re-built the Beach House with much help from her genius Dad, Keith.  I am thankful every day to have Jane in my life and our beautiful kitchen!

Jane loves reading inspirational stuff, travelling to far off places, tinkering with her antique motorbike, doing Qigong and playing ukelele.

Jane gets excited about, most things really!!!!  Picnics, long walks, hugging, cheese, letters and flowers.

Jane, first day, first Bindi, Delhi. 1/14

Jane, first day, first Bindi, Delhi. 1/14

Jane is an almost vegan; 97.5% tofu, 1 % kefir and the rest made up of Stilton.

We both love stout.

Small village in the Pyrenees

Creperie, Pyrenees (French side) ’13

At the weekends we head for the hills……….

In a tiny nutshell, that’s us.

Under the Big Tree - Sivananda Ashram Madurai, 3/14

Under the Big Tree – Sivananda Ashram Madurai, 3/14

And finally.....Buster in a box

And finally…..Buster in box (our semi-wild, totally cool, little moggy)


58 thoughts on “Lee and Jane?X

  1. Caro

    Hey Lee,
    that all sounds so lovely! I send you and Jane a big hug from Germany and a lot of joy in the Beach House Kitchen! Hope to see you again some day

    • Hey Caroline, The last time I saw you was on an island somewhere no? I think we were in a kitchen? I hope life flows nicely. How is Sandro? Thanks for the kind words and stay well. Peace and LightXXXXX

  2. Laura

    Hi Lee and Jane!
    Great to hear this beautiful love story unfolding!
    What captured my attention most in all your poetical meanderings was the phrase ‘The Good Life’… this is also the name we have given to our future plans, of buying land, growing food, perhaps home-schooling our baby girl and much much more.. So yes! Please keep in touch!
    I’m having a ‘DIY’ themed birthday party in my house in Nantlle on 11th February – to help us along with our dream of selling up and moving on, and to gather a few lovely people together. Of course, good food, by the fire afterwards will be a must!
    You are both very welcome!
    Love Laura (Jane’s one-time Yoga teacher!)

  3. Laura

    p.s. you’ve done a cracking job on the website, looks amazing!

    • Thanks for that Laura. Will you be teaching yoga after you have the little one. Im looking for a good local class to try. Any ideas? It would be great to meet you soon, Jane sends loads of love. You are always welcome in the beach house for some good grub. Viva ‘the good life’. PS- Here’s my sisters yoga business, you may be interested, she does excellent (cheap!!) retreats in the summer. http://www.yogawellbeing.co.uk/

  4. LOVE YOU GUYS!!! will be in touch soonest
    Sending huge love from Ecuador

    • Ah Sava. Travelling butterfly. I hear you’re having a ball!!!!! Can’t wait to have you here and feed you some tasty treats. It will be amazing. Jane has mentioned a mysterious tofu cheesecake?! Ecuador. Cor. Buena suerte. Big love and kissessXXXXXXXXXX

  5. Hi Jane,

    Thanks so much for sharing your love and your life! “Lovely” as you Brits say :-)

    Do you know I have a raw food restaurant in NY? If you ever need recipes, not that I think you do since you have such a talented chef/boyfriend, please let me know :-)

    Check out my restaurant’s website is raw-q.com

    Much love to you love birds,

    • Thanks Mun, I will most definately check out your restaurant. Sounds lovely. I would love to hear some of your recipes, raw food is a fascinating corner of cuisine. I love the creativity and eclectic ingredients involved.

  6. gwenthegwen

    This is a gorgeous blog. Informative, entertaining, personal and interesting. Thank you for sharing, I look forward to more, and hope to see you again, Lee, one day in the not-too-distant-future. Lee, Jane and The Beach House looks like the Good Life and I smile with you.

    Peas and love, guys, peas and love!

  7. Fey

    Hola Jane y Lee,

    Vuestro sitio de web tiene un aspecto fantastico, me encanta. Estoy deseando probar las recetas….

    Un saludo y brazo muy fuerte,

    • Hola Guapos,
      Gracias por sus palabras muy chulo.
      Vas a probar las recetas……tagine en la costa, que rico!
      Proximo vece chicos, voy a hacerlo en mi casa con mucho hierba buena! Seguro.
      Suerte y paz,

  8. Laura

    Thanks for the link, i’ll check it out!
    The little one is now 5 months old! But my partner’s work makes it difficult for me to commit to starting a regular class again. A friend of mine has asked if i’ll take on her class for a few weeks while she’s in India. It’s in the new gym in caernarfon on a monday evening 5.30 – 7pm. So you’re welcome there anytime!
    Hope to meet you soon!

  9. Yenny

    Hey Leeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!
    You sweet soul. I cannot wait to meet Jane and say hi. A man with a view of the sea, eating plenty of vegetables and with love in your life. Bliss.
    Much love from London,

    • Hello Lovely Lady, We are here whenever you feel like some veggie mountain time (great combo there!) Kisses and Love from the Beach HouseXXXX

  10. Veronika de Groote

    Hey Jane and Lee,

    Jane gave me this link already some time ago, but it took another email from her, full of gorgeous photos to make me sit down and have a closer look at what you are cooking together ;). But as an apology – It is not that easy to sit still when your boss is a soon to be 5 months old :) Lovely site and wonderful pictures… Have to still try out the recipes.

    Hope to see Jane soon again and to meet you Lee as well. The time runs so fast!

    Until then sunny hugs and kisses from Brussels,


  11. Gem

    Hey Lee,

    So glad you are doing great, you deserve all this happiness :-)
    And I love your veggie recipes you are posting.
    Maybe I will come and visit you in Wales one day for some walking and baking and to meet your lovely Jane.

    Love and Hugs
    Your vegan fairy friend
    Gemma x

    • Hello Gem, How are you? Anytime youre in Wales, drop by and we can whip up a vegan storm (and maybe have a nice cup of tea!). Love and Light, LeeX (PS – Let me know if you have any favourite vegan recipes and I’ll stick them on)

  12. Beautiful blog you guys! It is awesome to see some world travelers in the food blog world.

  13. Its really lovely to make your acquaintance. I look forward to followign your adventures.

  14. Julie

    Happy Birthday Lee !
    Hope you had a wonderful day, topped up with fine wine and food.
    Best wishes x

  15. HI friends, I saw your pic appear on my blog yesterday and got intrigued! Beautiful thing you have here! I am vegan since .. always it seems and enjoys raw food. Live in Rajasthan since some time, in the mountains and cook sprouted wheat bread in the sun. Tastes like a rich cake! Very happy to meet you through this blog! All blessings for a wonderful life and service, f

  16. Hello Lee and Jane,

    I came across your enticing and well written blog my a most circuitous route this June Monday morning. So glad I found you.

    Plus Lee supports Sunderland AFC – that is +10 Brownie Points straight away :-)

    Looking forward to many return visits.


  17. What an awesome and inspiring story! I love it. It is great to be connected with you both. Aloha!

  18. Hello, loving the journey and especially the Kitchen Art. Would you like to write a piece for Mumtopia this month? It would be great to spread the B H K message to the mums out there.
    Back to my spaghetti bolognese (blush).

    xx xx

  19. Aww.. your story is so sweet. I wish you both a long life together and wish you happiness and adventure along the way… :-) Ali

  20. Hi Lee! Great story. Where can I read more about your India travels?

    • Hello there Lotus one, see my travel tag or India tag on my other blog “riding effortlessly…..” there are a few tales there. Love your blog, the curries are delicious, I will be trying a few for certain. Many of them take me back to the beautiful motherland. Great to have you here. Namaste, lee

      • Ah.. right! I’ve found it. Will read more. Hope to hear more from you, too. Have fun with the curries and recipes. I’m also interested to read more about your raw food explorations.

      • Great to have you here Lotus one, the raw spell lasted two months and is really continuing now (bar a few bowls of museli and the occasional oat cake). It is a wonderfu lifestyle. It is a wonderful life!

  21. Hello There. I found your blog using msn. This is a really well written article. I will make sure to bookmark it and return to read more of your useful information. Thanks for the post. I’ll certainly comeback.

  22. You’ve got a big, blessed, bountiful blog here. I’ll be back for regular meals (and frequent snacks).

  23. Hellooo, I have ‘nom’inated you for the “Reality Blog Award”. Love your blog you can see the post here – http://veghotpot.wordpress.com/2013/04/05/blogger-awards-thank-yous-and-nominations/ :) No pressure to take part! Just passing on the love x

    • We humbly accept! Cheers Becks, its always lovely to get an award of any shape or colour. We have bags of reality in the BHK, our own variety of course. Happiness from the hills, lee and janex

  24. Hello Lee and Jane, and what a wonderful blog! Thanks for stopping by mine (lured by the asparagus pizza I guess) and following my adventures… I look forward to yours! The avocado basil cheese looks luscious by the way!

  25. “In a nut shell”…. I’m smiling! :-) Big grins, to you both for following your hearts, So good to meet such an enthusiastic couple. Thank you for calling around at Dreamwalker’s Sanctuary Lee.

    Your Blog looks a treasure trove of deliciousness on every page, I can see I shall enjoy browsing and tasting some of the wonderful offerings in the Beach House Kitchen,

    And Like Arnie…. I will be Back!

    Enjoy your Long Weekend…..Sue ~Dreamwalker

    • Thank you Sue, you visit here is a real blessing. You are always welcome at the BHK! Come anytime! Let us know if you try a recipe, we’d love to hear how it went! Shine on, lee

  26. Kinenchen

    I’m nominating you for a Very Inspiring Blogger Award because you’ve inspired me. I just want you to know that you’re rad.

    • Hooraaayyyy!!!!! Thank you very much for this, you inspire us, what a great thing! We will be checking this out very soon. Happy days, lee and janex

  27. My name is Liz and I’m contacting you from Silver River Productions, a TV company based in London. We are currently in production for a BBC2 primetime gardening show ‘The Big Allotment Challenge.’

    The series follows a handful of talented amateur kitchen gardeners as they transform a plot of earth in our walled garden into a patch of beauty and reveal all the wonderful possibilities that can be unlocked from allotment growing.

    We are looking for contestants to feature in the series, those who have the skill and dedication and who could dig their way to victory and be crowned the winner of ‘The Big Allotment Challenge.’ People who can cultivate the perfect carrot, make their green tomatoes into tasty chutney and turn their dahlias and sweet peas into floral arrangements.

    So whether you’re an allotmenteer, a city living window box grower, or a gardening enthusiast, we want to hear from you. We are coming to the end of our application process so email grow@silverriver.tv for an application form today!

  28. Pingback: Jane’s Easy Seeded Wholemeal Loaf | the beach house kitchen

  29. matt

    Hi Lee, Myself Matt and my partner Lindsey met your dad this morning in the jacuzzi at The Manor house. We’re both veggie and my background is being dragged around as a kid by my mum following the maharishi so your dad finally had people to chat to that floated his boat a bit more! lovely guy your dad. I’m sure you’ll both have an amazing time in India, If your Dads out our way (Rothbury) tell him to drop by for a cuppa. 07842541417

    All the best,

    Matt n Lindsey

    • How cool is that!!!! I’ll pass the number onto the big man and hope you guys manage a cuppa. I am sure India has changed a bit since the time the Maharishi was doing his thing! Take it easy, lee and jane

  30. Megha Sharma

    Hey lee
    hope you remember me. i met u in train when you were coming to Bikaner with your dad. i tried to contact you and called at Vinayak because i want to invite you at my place for a good Rajasthani dinner. then i search for you and i get your blog. Just need to say you are really working good for vegetarian food . me and my family are all vegetarian. it feels really good to see your blog. hope you will enjoy india and its delicious food.

    all the best for your next journey :)))
    take care:)

    • Thanks Megha, it is a shame we could not meet yo, I know dad would have loved it. Great that you checked out the blog, this is where we live and cook. I hope to do some cooking in India and post more soon. Take great care, stay in touch. Peace and Light, lee and john

  31. Megha Sharma

    hey lee how are you all going well ? where are you now in india.?hope you’re having fun in India.

    • Hello Megha, we have left Goa and are now in a small beach near Kannur. It is very warm down here and we are enjoying the relaxing times. Take care, lee

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