Active B.H.K

After a long walk in the lakes, Jane goes for a duck.

We love to move, to flow, almost as much as we love to be still.  It’s so natural to move, that’s what we do.  Always on the go.

Eating healthy is one thing, but a healthy mind and body needs to be maintained and balanced in other ways.

In the B.H.K. we believe in moving well, but also in resting well.  We both practice yoga and meditation time is one of my favourite parts of the day.  We go for lots of long walks near our lovely home in Snowdonia.  Great air.  The occasional jog happens, but it seems a little hectic and hard on the knees.  We’re not getting any younger!  Jane also likes to practice a little Qigong.  If we’re near the sea (and it’s not freezing) or anything larger than a garden pond, I’ll be in it.  I like bikes, Jane does not.

Otherwise, gardening and chopping wood keeps us fit.  ‘He who chops his own wood, gets warm twice.’  Keith Legge’s words of wisdom.

As importantly as all of the active stuff, we love to sleep soundly.

Walking in the Himalayas, Spiti Valley


2 thoughts on “Active B.H.K

  1. karen harrison

    Just discovered you – utterly wonderful. Have just made the beetroot leaves soup…….yet to taste. Thank you for inspiring a food lover but NOT a cook!

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